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Choosing A Metal for Your Engagement Ring

So, you’ve popped the question,chosen your dream ring and are now left with the conundrum of what metal to choose. Here at Bespoke Diamonds we can make all of our rings in the precious metal of your choice-18k white/yellow/rose gold or platinum.

But the question still remains, which one is your favourite? We have compiled a list to help you in Choosing A Metal for Your Engagement Ring. Below are some of the reasons you may decide to choose one of these metals over another. But, keep in mind, what matters most is which one you prefer, as it’s you who will be wearing the ring forever!

White Gold

WWhite Gold Engagement Ring Dublin SR1023hite gold is the most popular choice of metal. When compared with platinum it has a stronger shine and is considered to be more resistant to scratches. White gold is an alloy of golds, palladium and rhodium plating. In order to maintain the shine, white gold is supposed to be re-rhodium plated every so often (every year approx.) This is to prevent the yellow hue of the gold from emerging.


Platinum is also a white metal and is said to look very similar to white gold, albeit slightly duller. It will not fade to yellow over time and is considered to be a stronger and more durable metal compared with White Gold. White gold has a silver shine and Platinum has more of a grey hue. Also, Platinum is a more expensive metal but there is less maintenance involved as no rhodium-plating required, just an occasional polish.

Rose gold engagement ringRose Gold

This metal is particularly nice in antique/vintage style settings as it is often seen as the more romantic metal. When compared with the other golds, as rose gold is predominately copper, it is much stronger and durable. Rose gold looks particularly well with a morganite stone as the soft pinkish tones really complement each other.

Yellow GoldYellow gold diamond ring solitaire

This is often seen as the more “classic” choice of metal. It looks particularly well just as part of a simple solitaire ring. The yellow hues are best complemented by someone with a darker complexion. High karat yellow gold is more susceptible to scratching, so it too requires some upkeep.

So, all metals come with their own pros and cons, and it’s up to you to decide what you prioritize. These are all necessary questions to ask yourself to ensure that you get your perfect ring.

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