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Morganite Engagement Rings

Finding a unique ring can be difficult nowadays, with so many different styles widely available in jewellers, it can be hard to find the one that’s just you. However, fear not as there’s a gemstone on the rise that is very unique in appearance and will definitely be the envy of many!

Morganite Engagement Rings Dublin

Morganite is not the most widely available stone, but here at Bespoke Diamonds on Kildare Street in Dublin, we can source you the morganite stone to best match your preference on colour and size. Due to its lovely pinkish tones, the morganite stone looks especially good in a rose gold setting as it complements it nicely. However, here at Bespoke we offer morganites in the colour, size, setting and metal of your chocie. All you have to is make an appointment to start your love affair with these beautiful stones!

What is Morganite?Diamond and morganite halo engagement ring

The morganite’s name comes from one of the greatest financiers of all time- J.P Morgan. He was one of the largest gem collectors at the time and was an early supporter of this stone. So, this isn’t the most romantic of beginnings for this stone becoming commercialised, but luckily the meaning associated with the stone is much more eloquent.The stone is believed to be a symbol of divine love and is said to bring compassion, peace and joy to the wearer. And who wouldn’t want more of that in their lives!?  The stone is usually a pink/salmon colour yet, pre-treatment the stone has more of an orange hue. Morganite is sourced from Afghanistan, Brazil, Mozambique, Namibia, and the US and is actually a pretty rare stone. For context, this stone is rarer than aquamarine as it has yet to truly take off in mainstream jewellers. The reason for this is not due to lack of interest but rather that there are not enough morganites cut in a size that is feasible for jewellers to work with.

Is Morganite a Good Gemstone?

The morganite stone has many great qualities making it a very viable option for your ring. The morganite stone is a cousin to emerald and aquamarine which are widely used. These three stones all come from the Beryl family of stones. Like all gemstones, the morganite stone does not come with a colour grading chart, however it is useful to know that the colour of morganite can vary greatly- from a bright pink to more of a rose, to a muted peach and salmon. Furthermore, the clarity of morganite is desirable as usually it doesn’t have inclusions that are visible by the naked eye. The cut is flexible as morganite is available in an array of cuts- from round, to oval to radiant, etc.

See link for sample of our emerald cut morganite ring in rose gold

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