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The pear shape diamond is a popular choice of diamond in recent years. All our pear cut diamonds are certified by one of the main certificate bodies. GIA, HRD and IGI are the main bodies.

The pears shape diamond is available as a lab grown diamond or as a natural diamond.

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FAQs – Pear Cut Diamonds

What is a pear cut diamond?

A pear cut diamond is a diamond cut that is shaped like a pear, with a rounded end on one side and a tapered point on the other side.

How does a pear cut diamond compare to other diamond cuts in terms of appearance?

A pear cut diamond has a unique appearance that combines the fire and brilliance of a round cut diamond with the elongated shape of a marquise cut diamond.

How does the cost of a pear cut diamond compare to other diamond cuts?

The cost of a pear cut diamond can vary depending on its carat weight, color, and clarity, but it is generally less expensive than a round cut diamond of the same carat weight.

Can a pear cut diamond be used in engagement rings?

Yes, pear cut diamonds are a popular choice for engagement rings due to their unique and elegant shape.

Can a pear cut diamond be worn everyday?

Yes, a pear cut diamond is a durable gemstone and can be worn every day without fear of damage.

Is a pear cut diamond a good alternative to other diamond cuts?

A pear cut diamond is a popular alternative to other diamond cuts such as round and marquise for those looking for a unique and elegant shape.

How should I care for my pear cut diamond jewelry?

To take care of your pear cut diamond jewelry, you should avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals and ultrasonic cleaning. Clean your pear cut diamond jewelry with a mild soap and warm water, and store it in a safe place.

How can I tell if a diamond is pear cut?

A professional jeweler can usually identify a pear cut diamond by its shape and the presence of the unique rounded end and tapered point.

Are there any specific considerations when buying a pear cut diamond?

When buying a pear cut diamond, you should consider the symmetry and the angles of the tapered end. A good symmetry will give the diamond a more balanced and elegant appearance.

Can a pear cut diamond be paired with other gemstones?

Yes, pear cut diamonds can be paired with other gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds, or rubies in a side stone engagement ring, or even in a halo setting.

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