Round Cut

Round cut stones remain the most popular shape for diamond engagement rings, anniversary rings, and so much more. Round cuts feature a symmetry that is smooth and easy to work with for any jewellers.

Sparkling round stones set into four-prong, six-prong, bezel, or tension settings exude incredible glamour with understated elegance and prestige.

Our round brilliant cut diamonds are certified by the main bodies; GIA, HRD and IGI Antwerp.


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Round diamond engagement rings

The classic shape everyone thinks of when thinking of diamonds, this cut gives the most sparkle.

Round diamond engagement rings feature a round brilliant cut diamond in the centre or may be a cluster halo look featuring round brilliants for a multi-stone look.

Examples of round cuts:

  • A round brilliant contains 57-58 facets, sparkling from all angles when worn.
  • Single round cuts have around 18 facets; single cuts are commonly used for smaller carats and side stones. Melee diamonds (very small stones) feature both round brilliant cut and single cut.
  • Rose cut diamonds have 24 facets with a dome-shaped top and no pavilion.

Round gemstones

Round gemstones may contain 57-58 facets or less.  Round cut gemstones bring a wealth of vibrancy and beauty to any ring, pendant, necklace, or bracelet.

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