Three Stone Rings

Three-stone engagement rings, also known as trilogy or trinity rings, are a popular choice among couples looking to symbolize their past, present, and future together. The three stones on the ring represent different stages of a couple’s relationship, with the larger center stone representing the present and the two smaller side stones representing the past and future. The design of the ring is often simple and elegant, with the stones set in a row on a band of metal.

The three-stone engagement ring can also have a more personal meaning. The stones can be chosen to represent birthstones of the couple, or represent a special moment in their relationship. Some couples may also choose to use family heirloom stones to create a more sentimental and meaningful ring. The three-stone engagement ring is a beautiful and timeless symbol of a couple’s love and commitment to each other.

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Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three-stone rings elegantly display three different stones, diamonds, or a combination of both beautifully set into the gold, platinum, or the fine metal of your selection. Choose a three-stone ring as an engagement ring and an anniversary ring for a sophisticated, impressive, and classic impression.

Three-stone rings feature the past, present, and future designs representing time spent together in a romantic commitment with the three-stone placement.

Endless Options

Three-stone rings are available in mixed stone cuts or with the same stone cuts. This makes customization of your three-stone ring a rewarding experience, another memorable part of your wedding or anniversary.

Round brilliant cut may take center stage in a shared prong setting with baguette cut side stones. Three princess cut diamonds in a step-tiered setting placed in graduated size is a common yet unique showcase of your love, romance, and commitment.

Three-stone rings may feature a sapphire in the middle with two diamonds on the side, a diamond with sapphires on the side, or a medley of colored stones with diamonds, giving it a striking vibrancy meets sparkle.

FAQ – Three Stone Engagement Rings

What is a three stone engagement ring?

A three stone engagement ring is a ring that features three diamonds or gemstones as the central focal point, typically set in a line or a trilogy setting.

What is the meaning behind a three stone ring?

A three stone engagement ring is often thought to represent a couple’s past, present and future together.

What is the most popular type of three stone ring?

The most popular type of three stone engagement ring is a round cut center stone with two matching side stones.

How much should I expect to spend on a three stone engagement ring?

The cost of a three stone ring can vary greatly depending on the diamond or gemstone quality, and the ring’s setting. We have many options starting at €995.

Can I get a three stone engagement ring with diamonds or gemstones other than diamonds?

Yes, three stone engagement rings can be made with any type of diamond or gemstone, such as sapphires or emeralds.

Can I get a three stone engagement ring with different shape diamonds or gemstones?

Yes, three stone engagement rings can be made with any shape of diamond or gemstone, such as round, princess, pear, oval or any other shape.

Can I get a three stone engagement ring with a matching wedding band?

Yes, a wide range of wedding bands which suit three stone engagement rings are available.

How do I know if a three stone engagement ring is a good quality?

You can determine the quality of a three stone engagement ring by looking at the 4 C’s: Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Colour.

How should I take care of my three stone engagement ring?

To take care of your three stone engagement ring, avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals, take it off when doing heavy labour, and have it cleaned and inspected by a professional jeweler regularly.

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