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Thinking of proposing this Christmas?

It’s almost that time of year again! The festive season is the perfect time to pop that all-important question to the special someone in your life and we’re here to give you a few tips to help navigate your Christmas proposal with confidence.

Don’t worry too much about the design

At Bespoke Diamonds, all of our rings are fully exchangeable. Our expert Diamond Consultants will guide you through the selection process. However, in the unlikely event that your bride-to-be had her heart set on a different ring, we can easily provide you with another style (although it very rarely happens, we promise). In terms of sizing, the majority of women are L – M and minor fit alterations can easily be made to almost all of the ring styles.

Keep it simple 

Yellow Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring SR1005If in doubt, stick to a timeless style such as the traditional solitaire on a simple band. These beautiful rings showcase the diamond of your choice.  Whether you go for a princess, radiant, oval, marquise or the classic round brilliant cut. One of the most popular choices for engagements this Christmas is the yellow gold round solitaire – a sure winner!

All eyes are on the diamond

The main focus of the ring will always be on the centre diamond. Your diamond is an investment piece and needs to be a considered purchase. As a general guideline, we always recommend a diamond that is D to F in colour, eye clean (no visible inclusions), without fluorescence and graded as excellent to very good in cut. Every diamond should be assessed by an independent gemmological certification body (predominantly IGI, HRD or GIA).

Stick to your budget

The days of spending 3 months wages on an engagement ring are long gone. There are no set rules requiring you to spend any certain amount.  What matters most is making a purchase that’s right for you and your future fiancé. Identifying a budget for your ring is an important step in your decision making process as it helps narrow your focus. At Bespoke Diamonds, we can work within your price limits to select the perfect ring for your proposal!

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