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Bespoke Diamonds Dublin has more than 700 engagement rings in stock and access to thousands more ring designs on our CAD system. All of our rings can be set with natural diamonds or lab grown diamonds and are available from less than 1 carat all the way up to 3 carat.

We also have access to more than 750,000 certified diamonds so you can select the diamond to match your design, budget and taste.

Ring Styles/Settings

Solitaire rings – 1 diamond on a plain band; the most popular design.

Three Stone Rings – 3 diamonds usually with a bigger centre stone or 3 stones of the same size.

Halo Rings – a solitaire ring but with a “halo” of small diamonds around the centre stone.

Sidestone Rings – any ring with smaller diamonds along the actual band of the ring.

Diamond & Gemstone Rings – any ring with a mixture of diamonds and other gemstones.

Ring Metals

18k Yellow Gold Rings – Warm and eye-catching, the traditional colour of engagement rings.

18k White Gold Rings – A modern and popular variation for engagement rings.

18k Rose Gold Rings – A unique blend of yellow gold and copper to add a pink hue to the ring.

Platinum Rings – Similar in appearance to white gold, platinum is more durable and also hypoallergenic.

Diamond Preference

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Choosing your ring is an exciting time and your choice now will be with you forever. It will be a constant reminder of this special time in your life. It’s important to take your time and enjoy this period – you only do it once!

Engagement Rings at Bespoke Diamonds

A symbol of love and commitment, an engagement ring is a cherished piece of jewelry that will be worn for a lifetime. At Bespoke Diamonds, we understand the importance of this special piece and offer a wide range of engagement rings to suit every taste and budget.

Natural Diamond Engagement Rings

At Bespoke Diamonds, we offer a wide selection of natural diamonds, each one hand-selected for its unique beauty and quality. Our natural diamonds come in a variety of shapes, including round, princess, cushion, and more, and are available in a range of sizes and carat weights. We also offer a variety of clarity and color grades, so you can find the perfect diamond to suit your style and budget.

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

In addition to natural diamonds, Bespoke Diamonds also offers a selection of lab-grown diamonds. These diamonds are created in a lab using advanced technology, and are virtually identical to natural diamonds in terms of appearance, quality, and value. Lab-grown diamonds are an eco-friendly and ethical choice, as they don’t require mining and have a lower carbon footprint.

Engagement Ring Metals

Bespoke Diamonds engagement rings are available in a variety of metals, including 18k white, yellow, and rose gold, and platinum. Each metal has its own unique properties and characteristics, and will affect the overall look and feel of the ring. 18k white gold is a popular choice for its bright, white color and durability, while yellow gold has a warm, classic look. Rose gold is a newer trend and has a romantic, pinkish hue. Platinum is the most durable and heavy metal, with a silver color and can be a great option for people with sensitive skin.

Engagement Ring Settings

At Bespoke Diamonds, we understand that every couple is unique, and that’s why we offer a wide range of engagement ring settings to suit every style. Our most popular setting is the solitaire, which features a single diamond set in a classic and timeless design. The three stone setting features a larger center diamond with two smaller diamonds on either side, symbolizing the couple’s past, present, and future together. The side stone setting features a center diamond with smaller diamonds set on the side of the band, adding extra sparkle and shine. And the halo setting, which features a center diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds creating a halo effect.

Gemstone Engagement Rings

For those looking for something unique, Bespoke Diamonds also offers a variety of gemstone engagement rings. Popular options include sapphires, which come in a range of colors including blue, pink, and yellow, emeralds, which are known for their deep green color, and moissanite, which is a diamond alternative known for its brilliance and durability. These gemstones are a great way to add a pop of color to your engagement ring and make it truly one-of-a-kind.

Every Possible Option

In conclusion, Bespoke Diamonds offers a wide range of engagement rings to suit every taste and budget. Whether you’re looking for a natural diamond or a lab-grown diamond, we have a variety of shapes, sizes, and carat weights to choose from. Our engagement rings are also available in a variety of metals, including 18k white, yellow, and rose gold, and platinum, so you can find the perfect ring to suit your style. Let us help you find the perfect engagement ring for your special someone.

FAQs – Engagement Ring

What is the most popular type of diamond for an engagement ring?

Round diamonds are the most popular shape for engagement rings, followed by princess and cushion cut diamonds.

How do I choose the right diamond for my engagement ring?

When choosing a diamond for your engagement ring, consider the 4 Cs: carat weight, cut, color, and clarity. It’s also important to consider your personal preferences and budget.

What is the difference between natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds?

Natural diamonds are mined from the earth, while lab-grown diamonds are created in a lab using advanced technology. Both types of diamonds are virtually identical in terms of appearance and quality, but lab-grown diamonds are an eco-friendly and ethical choice.

How much should I expect to spend on an engagement ring?

The cost of an engagement ring can vary greatly depending on the type of diamond, the size, and the setting. The general guideline of 2-3 months of your salary is an outdated concept from the 60’s. These days, the budget is a very personal choice depending on the couple’s situation. Choose a budget you can afford and consider the financing options available to spread the cost. The average price of an engagement ring in Ireland last year was €2312 with prices ranging from €500 to over €60,000!

Can I customize my engagement ring?

Yes, choosing a bespoke design is a great option to have. This includes choosing the diamond, setting, and metal.

What is the difference between white gold and platinum?

White gold is a mixture of gold and other white metals, while platinum is a naturally white metal. Platinum is more durable and heavier than white gold and is hypoallergenic.

Can I finance my engagement ring?

Yes, many jewellers offer financing options to help customers purchase an engagement ring. Humm is a particularly popular option in Ireland.

How do I properly care for my engagement ring?

To properly care for your engagement ring, clean it regularly with a mild soap and water. Avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals, and have it inspected and cleaned by a professional jeweller every 6-12 months.

What is a diamond certificate and why is it important?

A certificate of authenticity is a document that verifies the diamond’s quality and characteristics. It is important to have a certificate of authenticity when purchasing an engagement ring to ensure that the diamond is genuine and of the quality stated. Ensure your diamond is certified by a legitimate certification body such as GIA, IGI or HRD, and not simply certified in-house by the jeweller selling the diamond!

Do I need to have a diamond in my engagement ring?

No, you do not need to have a diamond in your engagement ring. Many people opt for coloured gemstones or alternative gemstones like Moissanite instead.

How much does a 1ct diamond ring cost?

A 1ct lab diamond solitaire ring will cost around €3300, depending on the diamond’s specifications (colour, clarity & cut). A 1ct natural diamond solitaire ring will cost from €7000-12000, again depending on the 4 Cs. It is extremely important to compare like with like when it comes to diamonds.

Better quality stones simply cost more due to their rarity and will hold their value far better than lesser quality diamonds. Many jewellers in Ireland offer low quality diamonds and suggest that nobody can tell the difference but it simply isn’t true. When you see a high quality diamond, it shines, sparkles and just looks far more impressive – a certain je nais se quois that just appeals to the eye. It is advised that you get familiar with the 4 Cs of diamonds and also with diamond certificates. Some jewellers offer in-house certification which actually means nothing on the international diamond market. The main internationally recognized certificate bodies are GIA, IGI and HRD.

How does the size of a 1 carat diamond compare to other diamond sizes?

A 1 carat diamond is considered to be a medium-sized diamond, which is why it is a popular choice for engagement rings. A 1 carat diamond is approximately 6.5mm in diameter, which is a noticeable size on the finger. However, it is still small enough to be versatile and easy to wear.

What makes an engagement ring pretty?

A ring with high-quality diamonds that are well-cut and have good clarity and colour will always be considered pretty. A ring that has a unique and intricate design, such as a halo or vintage-inspired setting, can also add to its overall beauty.

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