Radiant Cut

Do you love the look of emerald or baguette cuts but want more brilliance? Consider the radiant cut, the perfect choice for those who love a similar shape with more facets for added fire. This sparkle exudes an elegance similar to the round brilliant, princess, and other modified brilliant cuts with a distinctively different appearance.

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Radiant Cut: Extra Sparkle!

A radiant cut appears slimmer than a cushion cut, one of the oldest diamond cuts on the market. Although these stone cuts might look almost identical at first glance, they have different ratios and measurements setting them apart. Radiant cuts appear less bulky and more streamlined than cushion cut, which have a “heavier” appearance due to their vintage-inspired elegance.

The radiant cut was invented in 1977, renewing popularity for square cut stones. This modified (cut-cornered rectangular) radiant cut diamond commonly contains 70 facets with 25 facets on the crown, 8 on the girdle, and 37 on the pavilion.

Modern Style Cut 

Step out in style with a radiant cut diamond engagement ring featuring a blend of contemporary faceting and vintage-inspired elegance of an emerald cut because of its clipped corners but high brilliance.

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