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Choosing the right Diamond Shape

Picking the right diamond shape can be hard, not only because there’s lots of choice but what suits your style. Here at Bespoke Diamonds we can source any shape diamond to suit your style, hand and pocket. Each diamond shape is quite different and they all have their individual characteristics. Though diamond shape isn’t part of the 4 C’s it does play a role on how the diamond will reflects light.

Below we have outlined some of the more popular diamond shapes.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond: round-diamondsThe most popular diamond cut. A round diamond has more then just the 4 C’s to be graded on, the polish and symmetry of a round diamond are very important factors in whether your stone will sparkly or not. A round diamond with an excellent cut, polish and symmetry will be the most sparkly diamond you will come across.

Princess Cut Diamond: princess-diamondsAnother sparkly stone, this is because of the way the facets are cut on the surface of the diamond. This is the second most popular diamond shape people choose after the round brilliant cut. It is also a popular diamond as it is compatible with practically any setting.


Marquise Cut Diamond: When it comes to the Marquise cut they can all slightly vary in lengths and widths. It is a great stone for maximizing carat weight. It is also a very flattering shape for the hand and finger giving them a more slender appearance.


Cushion Cut Diamond: A mix between a round brilliant cut and a princess cut. As sparkly as a round diamond with a slightly softer cut of a princess. It is a beautiful stone for any setting.



Emerald Cut Diamond: Emerald Diamonds are known not to be as sparkly as some of the other shapes, this comes down to the unique step cut facets cut into the pavilion of the stone. The cut of this stone makes inclusions more noticeable, so it is important to see the stone in person before you think of buying it.

radiant-diamondsRadiant Cut Diamond: A beautiful unique style, the radiant diamond has uniquely trimmed corners combined with the step cut of an emerald and the sparkle of a round cut.

Pear pear-shaped-diamondsCut Diamond: This diamond combines the shape of a marquise and a round cut, giving it’s teardrop/pear shape. The slender taper of the pear diamond gives hands a slimmer appearance.

oval-diamondsOval Cut Diamond: Oval cut diamonds have the classic look with a modern twist. Similar to the round brilliant cut it has incredible brilliance. The advantage of an oval diamond is you get the sparkle of a round cut diamond but with added length to slim and flatter the hand.


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