Fluorescence in your Diamond Engagement Ring

Fluorescence in Diamonds

Fluorescence is one of the many terms used on a Diamonds grading report. Some diamonds can show different effects under ultraviolet light. Most people who purchase their engagement ring won’t know much about it. However, we like to give them as much information as possible when buying a diamond.

Fluorescence in a diamond

What is it?

Fluorescence in a diamond is basically the effect that ultraviolet light has on the stone. It shows itself as a blue hue within the diamond. On a diamond certificate it is graded in reference to the strength or how intense a reaction long-wave UV light. This is an essential part of daylight, has on the diamond. If the diamond is graded as strong fluorescence there is a big possibility that the blue hue will be visible in natural daylight. It is quite common for a diamond to have it present. Here at Bespoke Diamonds we only source and stock diamonds that have nil to faint grades. This way there is no possibility of a blue hue in your diamond.

Fluorescence grading

Is Fluorescence Bad?

Fluorescence isn’t bad for the diamond, it just comes down to personal choice.  Option is to pick a diamond with it present or not. We find that most of our customers will opt for a diamond with nil fluorescence. This is because most people like the white and bright colour of the diamond. Fluorescence does not chance the structural integrity of the diamond, and there is no real difference between it and a diamond that does not react to UV light. There are many different factors that could effect a diamonds colour.  This can be due to the cut, the kind of light it is under (Natural or Artificial) and even the clothes you wear. It ultimately all comes down to personal choice. To get the best possible deal we would always recommend coming and seeing the diamond in person to make sure it is perfect for you.

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