advice for men buying an engagement ring


Advice For Men on How to Buy an Engagement Ring

For nearly every man, the idea of buying an engagement ring is a daunting prospect. It is no secret that men are unaware of what to look out for when buying a diamond ring for their partner.

Here at Bespoke Diamonds, we understand that men need advice when it comes to engagement rings. For this reason, we have made a list of the steps to undertake during the diamond ring buying process for men.

Understand what makes a good diamond

To understand what makes a good diamond you need to know what the four C’s are. The four C’s relate to the colour, clarity, carat and cut.

– Make sure that the colour is good, normally D-G. This ensures the diamond is nice and bright.
– The same applies with clarity, nothing below Si.
– Cut grade should be very good or excellent. This ensures that your diamond is sparkly.
– Carat is the size of the diamond, which is completely up to you. Let your budget decide this.



Be aware of what type of metal your partner wears.
If they wear a lot of yellow gold, then the best way forward would be to get a yellow gold ring.
If your partner likes to wear rose gold,its worth noting that rose gold may not be as timeless for an engagement ring with yellow being a more classic.

Trustworthy Jeweller

Do your research online and find the best and most trustworthy jewellers.
Jewellers with good google reviews are a good place to start.
Check if the jeweller has a returns policy. Most reputable jewellers will let you bring back the ring once unworn within 30 days.
Also if possible, word of mouth from friends or family is a great way to get the name of a reputable jeweller.

Ask a friend

Most likely she has a close friend who is of a similar age. The friend is more than likely either newly engaged or on her way to being so, therefore, you could just simply ask her for advice. The friend could have inside information into your partners dream engagement ring.

Ring Styles

There are four different styles of engagement rings. Solitaire, side stone, halo and multi stone.

Solitaire: Single stone on a plain band.
Side Stone: Single stone on a band with diamonds.
Halo: Single stone with a halo of diamonds around it.
Trilogy Style: A ring contains 3 or more stones.


Consider your budget

Many expect to pay a big load of cash for an engagement ring, which is true. However, you don’t have to break the bank to find the perfect ring. The biggest stone sometimes isn’t the best. Also, there are other options, moissanites and certain gemstones are much cheaper than diamonds. See article on how to get the best diamond for your budget.

Check her Instagram activity

See what she types of pictures of engagement rings she likes. If she is constantly liking and commenting on pictures of a round cut solitaire ring, then maybe that would be a good choice.
Check comments your partner has made on friends rings who have recently got engaged.

Finger Size

If your partner wears a ring on her hand than simply bring that ring to a jeweller. The jeweller will be able to make a very accurate guess from this ring.  Most women are finger size M, so if you go with this size you should be ok. The ring can always be resized, so by going with an M you should be there or thereabouts. See our blog on finding your partners finger size

How to Propose

romantic-proposal-to-girlfriend-image-1While this is nothing that we can assist with, from experience it is best to be fully prepared. The actions you make and the words you say will be remembered so put in the effort. Also, don’t forget, a great rock is nice but the way you present the ring is equally important! See blog on top proposal ideas – I mean, what more can we do!!

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