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When Roxanne Met Josh

When Roxanne met Josh at The Bridge Restaurant in Ballsbridge, she had no idea of the amazing journey to come.

The Bridge 1859 – where it all began

Sure, the conversation flowed easily that night, and he was certainly handsome, but as she flew to Spain the next day for a 2-week break, she had every right to think that was the end of their short story.

Spain was wonderful and as is always the case, the trip seemed too short. Having arrived back in Dublin, Roxanne was preparing to go back to work the next day. Her phone beeped and it was Josh, asking if she would like him to show her around Dalkey, the beautiful village near his home in Killiney.

This became the first of many dates they would enjoy together.

The Wonderful Couple

Roxanne works in HR at a Google start-up, loves traveling, exploring new cities and trying the local cuisine, as well as keeping fit in pump or spinning classes and has also been a keen boxer for the past three years.

Josh studied law before joining his father’s company as an insurance loss assessor. A keen guitarist, he also enjoys working out and running. He has also begun travelling a lot more since meeting Roxanne!

Markree Castle in Sligo

Travelling, a Friend’s Wedding and Moving In

When you get on so well with someone, dating and just being around each other can be such an amazing period. This is how it was with Roxanne and Josh who enjoyed every bit of it! Whether travelling to places like Italy, Chicago and Greece or dancing the night away at a friend’s wedding in Markree Castle in Sligo, every moment was special as they grew closer and closer.

The next chapter began when they moved in together and started really chatting about the future, their dreams, goals and expectations.

Josh’s Surprise

Greece – the latest of their many travels

When booking a holiday in Greece, a week with Roxanne’s family Mykonos and a week alone in Santorini, Josh had a plan in mind.

A visit to our offices in Kildare Street was secretly arranged where he went through exactly what he wanted with our team. In the end, with our ring designers, he designed a stunning Oval Solitaire ring on a Gold Band which he knew Roxanne would love.

Keeping his secret wasn’t easy, going through airport security was a worry and when travelling there are a million and one chances for your baggage to go missing. Thankfully he made it to their destination with his precious cargo intact.

In that beautiful island of Santorini (some call it the Mediterranean Dalkey), on the second last day of their holiday, Josh was keen to go on an early walk.

On this walk, Josh produced his stunning ring and proposed.

She Said Yes!

It was a total surprise to Roxanne, yet she instantly knew her answer! Trying on the ring, it fit perfectly and gleamed in the Greek morning sun. It was the perfect end to a wonderful holiday.

Dalkey to Santorini is over 3500km, but it was only the beginning of this wonderful couple’s journey together.

Thank you for allowing us to share your story and we wish you every joy and success in your future!

From all of us at Bespoke Diamonds.


This post was written by Bespoke Diamond’s Storyteller based on Roxanne and Josh’s telling of their beautiful story.

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