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Couples Who Play Together… Hola Sara & Carlos!

Couples Who Play (and Game, Travel & Dance) Together, Stay Together – Hola Sara & Carlos!

When Dr. Gottmann‘s reseach spawned the phrase “Couples who play together, stay together”, he might as well have named the next couple in our Customer Stories series.

Sara & Carlos, originally from Spain but now settled in Dublin, met when Sara was training the new recruit (and super-attentive) Carlos in a video game company where they were colleagues.

Their relationship has journeyed around the world, through lockdown together, to numerous gigs and festivals, and through many, many gaming sessions. Now happily married, we are going to travel with them, back to where it all started and explore some key moments in their relationship, hear about the proposal, buying rings, their wedding and finally about when cows invaded their afters party!

The Wonderful Couple

Hands up if you are in love!

Sara & Carlos both work in advertising in Dublin but met when they began working together in a game company in Cork. They were both trying to mix with other nationalities at first, to avoid becoming a Spanish ‘bubble’ in the company, but Sara had clearly made an impact on Carlos during training!

Eventually they gave in and began spending time together and experiencing their shared hobbies of travel (14 countries and counting), gaming, music, dancing, and international cuisine.

The Foo Fighters Missed Out

Carlos wanted to propose during the second day of NOS alive festival in Lisbon 2017… and he even contacted the organisation to do it in the middle of the Foo Fighters concert!

To Sara’s relief, the organisation never replied.

Instead, given how nervous Carlos was about having the ring, not losing it, what security may say if they found it, he decided to propose right before they went in. 

To Carlos’ relief, she said yes and committed to spending All My Life together. 

Choosing the Engagement Ring

Carlos chose to use a square solitaire proposal ring so Sara could choose the perfect diamond engagement ring for herself (and so he wouldn’t lose it at the festival!).

TIP: Always have a best friend who knows your preferences well! – Sara

They made an appointment with us at Bespoke Diamonds so they could come in and choose their diamond. In Sara’s own words:

I said I like the princess cut but the emerald shape… a new cut was shown to me: radiant! There are not many radiant cut diamonds around and I got instantly in love with them.

It was a unique experience.

The Wedding Rings

Sara wanted something very simple with princess cut diamonds to suit and without taking the focus away from her gorgeous Radiant solitaire.

Carlos chose a cool matt Palladium ring with a carved line in the middle.

The Big Day

After the civil ceremony, they celebrated with drinks in The Waterloo Bar in Dublin and it was amazing! A few months later, they had a “friends and family” party in Spain which took place in a forest area. While Sara says it was challenging to organise, the uniqueness of the venue and the amazing time they had made it all worthwhile.

Funniest of all was around 2am, when some local cows came to join the party and tucked in to the flower arrangements!

Georgeous Forest Setting for the Friends & Family Party
“I Love You” “I Know”
It’s official!
Hero Cufflinks for our heroic best man and groomsmen.
With matching socks of course!
And a Lego keepsake for everyone who came!
“You are more awsome than a bucket of Lego, Thanks for being with us today!”

The Story Continues… (by Sara)

We survived a pandemic situation with the longest lockdown ever! We got creative and played a lot of videogames, saw a lot of movies and connected with our friends and families in many more ways.

I also started my headpieces business, Bantessara, as I love crafts and I needed to stay away from screens too!

Unique handmade cold porcelain headpieces and accessories with love.



This post was written by Bespoke Diamond’s Storyteller based on Sara and Carlos’ telling of their beautiful story.

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Published with kind permission.

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