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When Megan & Lee lit up Grafton Street for Christmas!

It must be one of Dublin’s sweetest moments of the year – Lee proposing to a shocked Megan on Grafton Street under the Christmas lights with cheers from the good people of Dublin.

The setting, the reaction, the smiles and the people all around made this a true feel-good moment for everyone who saw it. It has quickly become our most popular Tik-Tok and Instagram post and was even picked up by The Sun Newspaper.

Here’s a quick reminder for those who haven’t seen it!

@bespokediamonds Our wonderfully brave customer Lee proposes in Grafton Street and gets a definite YES! #proposal #dublin #christmas #engagement #engagementring ♬ original sound – Bespoke Diamonds

Lee & Megan are happy to join the other brave couples in sharing some more about themselves for our Customer Stories section.

How did you meet, what happened next?

It all started at a house party almost 5 years ago, January 2018, where they got on really well and Lee hoped to meet up again.

Lee: “I texted her the day after or so to see if she’d be interested in meeting for drinks. She kept cheekily replying half turning me down.”

Megan: “but when he finally got me on a date we were stuck to each other’s hips!”

They made it official in March 2018 after Megan returned from a visit to Australia when they both realised how much they missed each other.

Did Megan know anything about the engagement ring or proposal?

Lee: “The video speaks for itself.

Not. A. Clue!”

Megan: “We absolutely had conversations about getting married, after being to 14 weddings in the 4 years we’ve been dating it was always a topic of conversation. I had absolutely no idea it was coming this soon though. Lee and I have a tradition each year where we go into town, see the lights and have a drink together. And he played it so cool, I would never have guessed he had a ring in his pocket all day! It was also the first day we ever went to try on rings together, I was picking out rings completely different to what he had for me. But I couldn’t explain how happy I am with the ring he bought me, it exceeds anything I could ever imagine.”

When did you decide you were going to propose?

Lee: “Well it’s something I wanted to do for a while now. I suppose it really started coming together when we bought our house. We moved in October so I kinda started researching stones, rings, jewellers at that time. Eventually reaching out to Bespoke and got an appointment.”

How did you find the experience during your appointment with Bespoke?

Lee: “So I had an amazing experience. I mean, wow, Ciara was so helpful. I came in with an idea of what I wanted. Picked out the stones, the settings etc etc. then asked if I could view the solitaire style. Immediately knew this was the one I wanted. Ciara allowed me to see different examples of rings and I was able to pick and choose what I wanted. In the end, the perfect ring.”

How did you feel at the proposal moment?

Megan: “When Lee asked a stranger to take a photo of us I was rolling my eyes up to heaven because I was adamant on just a selfie. Nonetheless, lee quickly asked some randomer to take our photo and then he leaned in and told me “Meg I love you so much”. At that moment my stomach dropped because Lee hates PDA. He left me hanging for a few seconds though until he whispered in my ear “Will you marry me?”. I think it’s obvious from the video my shock and excitement, I honestly couldn’t believe it was happening.”

Lee: “To be honest I was bricking myself on the lead up to it. We jumped into a few different jewellers on the way up Grafton Street and she tried on some rings (which were completely different to the one in my pocket).

There was a nice crowd around you who also had great reactions – were you aware of them or did you notice?

Megan: “Although there was a crowd around us, I never realised until we watched the video back. We were in a bubble of shock, excitement and love. It just felt like we were the only people on Grafton street at that moment in time.”

Lee: “I really didn’t take in who was around us.”

What is the significance or reason for choosing Grafton Street?

Lee: “Grafton Street I suppose wasn’t the main significance. Meg used to go into town with her mam, who had passed away. They would go see the lights in town. We then made it a tradition to do a day in town eating, drinking, shopping around Christmas and just take in the atmosphere and the lights. I wanted it to be of significance for the both of us.”

How did you spend Christmas?

Lee: “We spent it with family. We invited them all around to the house and had dinner here. It was great to have everyone around to celebrate with us. Starting new traditions together. Maybe a few relaxing days now after all the celebrating.”

Megan: “For Christmas this year, we spent it with our families. We had both sides over for dinner because in October we bought our own house and we wanted nothing more than to host them all (what a year!!). So here’s to many many more years of weddings, rugby matches, travelling, and love.”


I couldn’t have finished it better myself – here’s wishing you both every possible joy this coming year and every year.

Thanks so much for sharing your story and pictures with us and we look forward to welcoming you back to Bespoke Diamonds for your wedding rings!


This post was written by Bespoke Diamond’s Storyteller based on Lee & Megan’s telling of their beautiful story.

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