Tips for Buying your Engagement Ring this January

So we’ve put together a few tips for all those couples who have either had a January engagement and are looking for a ring or the people preparing to propose in the near future.


  • TIP 1: Make sure to shop around and visit as many jewellers as you can this January. At Bespoke Diamonds we offer a great range of engagement rings at extremely competitive. We always advise our customers to visit a few jewellers before their appointment with us, this way you can get a feel for the style you like and what falls into your budget.



  • TIP 2: Choose a certified Diamond! We always advise to get a diamond from one of the three main certificate bodies GIA, HRD and IGI. By getting a certified diamond this means you know exactly where your diamond came from, and the real quality of the stone.



  • TIP 3: Quality of a diamond is also important. We always suggest to customers to keep the colour of their diamond to a G or better. By keeping to these colours you won’t have the slightest bit of yellow coming through your diamond, so it will be lovely and bright. In terms of clarity we recommend Si2 or better, the most important thing is that the diamond is eye clean and there is nothing visible to the naked eye. If it is a round cut diamond you are choosing make sure the cut grade is either a Excellent or Very Good, this will mean that your diamond will have the best possible sparkle. Not many people know about the fluorescence of a diamond, it affects how bright and sparkly the diamond will be in natural daylight, so always make sure to pick either Nil or Faint fluorescence.



  • TIP 4: Resizing! If you find your perfect ring but it is not in your size there are a few things you should take into consideration. Firstly if the engagement ring you have chosen has no diamonds on the band the jeweller can resize it without any problems occurring. If the engagement ring has got diamonds on the band then it should not be resized more then two sizes up or down, resizing it anymore will eventually lead to diamonds popping off the band.



  • TIP 5: Budget! Have an idea in your head of how much you want to spend on your engagement ring and don’t get pressured into paying more then you had planned. Here at Bespoke Diamonds we offer a great range of “Affordable But Not Cheap” engagement rings and can help you in finding or designing the perfect ring to suit your budget.

Here at Bespoke Diamonds we have so many different styles to choose from and if you don’t find your perfect ring we can assist you in designing one. Contact us for a no obligation appointment.
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