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The Best Unusual Engagement Rings

We are all aware of the concept of proposing to a loved one, on bent knee. The tradition of presenting an engagement ring. This is one of the oldest traditions around and is celebrated on a daily basis by millions of people. This tradition dates back to the ancient Egyptians. They gave their beloved rings to symbolize a never ending cycle. In modern days the inclusion of a diamond is common. This is one of the strongest material on earth. As a result, it is meant to represent the strength of the relationship.  The Greeks and Romans had similar traditions. They used a ring as a symbol of strength and love.

This tradition has been around since ancient times . However,the view today by most would be that everyone’s love is unique.  As a result, so too should the symbol which represents it.  In other words, so too should the engagement ring.  An unusual engagement ring can showcase the uniqueness of a bond between two people. This article will look at some unusual engagement ring examples in an effort to assist you in your choice.

Less common diamond shapes

0.80ct Princess Cut Engagement Ring Ireland SR1072The traditional solitaire diamond ring is the most common style of engagement ring. However, while about 70% of  rings have a brilliant round cut diamond, many other diamond shapes exist. The next most common diamond shape would be the princess cut diamond (or square cut diamond).  A growing trend in recent years is for couples to look at more unusual diamonds. This is cuts as Oval cut diamonds, Marquise cut diamonds and radiant cut diamonds.  This more unusual diamonds are gaining popularity due to their uniqueness and less obvious look.  For example an emerald cut diamond ring will facilitate a couple being traditional. However, at the same time putting their own personal twist on tradition.

Totally Unique Rings

For people who want something totally unique, it may be more difficult to find it online or in a jewelers window.  For something totally unique, one would have to request a bespoke piece from a jeweler. Like us at Bespoke Diamonds Jewellers! This option in becoming increasingly popular. People like the idea of replicating celebrity diamond rings. However, some people are quite artistic and want to design their own ring. They can draw their unique design on a page and having it designed for them. Many talented jewelers can create and design the most breathtaking pieces with amazing attention to detail. An unusual ring like one of these creations might not be for everyone. However, for the right person there is simply nothing else like it!


Yellow gold sapphire and diamond gemstone ring image CR1015 - V1An increasingly popular trend is the use of gem stones rings rather than diamond rings. The most common options being sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Many celebrities are now choosing these gem stones. This has had the effect of regular couples now looking at these as real options. The most popular gem stone being sapphire due mainly to Kate Middleton. More recently, pink sapphires are becoming more popular. They and sought after with some amazing designs being created. More unusual gem stones are being used including Aquamarine and Opal. Each gem can have numerous styles.  The choice is almost endless.

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