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Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

Choosing which diamond cut to go for can be extremely confusing. All diamond cuts possess their own qualities that make them all desirable in a unique way. There are also so many options when it comes to diamonds nowadays. From classic round, to marquise, oval, princess, heart-shaped, etc. which can only add to the confusion!

Many celebrities have fallen for the charm of a pear cut diamond ring including Odette Annable, Katherine Heigl, Avril Lavigne and Jessica Simpson.

Our Pear Cut Ring Collection

The Unique and Wearable Pear Shape

This week we’re focusing on the pear cut diamond– one of the most unique and wearable cuts. Also known as the teardrop, a pear cut diamond is a rounded end with a single point facing down the finger, away from the heart giving a subtle slimming effect to your finger. The pear cut combines the oval and marquise cut while retaining the same brilliance of a round cut diamond, keeping its sparkle and beauty.

This cut possesses many beautiful features that make it so appealing. It also looks good in all settings- solitaire, side stone, halo and multi-stone. Overall, it is a dazzlingly divine gem and is one of the more interesting of the fancy cut stones.

Pear Shape diamond symmetry is vital

The pear cut is a combination of the marquise and round cut diamond. As a result it has one side round and the other end is a tapered point. The dimensions matter when it comes to a pear cut. A very narrow diamond may not be ideal for a ring. It could look like a marquise gone wrong. However, the opposite applies for a very broad diamond. This could just resemble a very poor attempt at a round cut. Diamond symmetry plays a major role in the cutting of these pear shaped diamonds. This is why opting for Excellent or Very Good symmetry is advisable.

Setting of a Pear shape Diamond Ring

A pear cut diamond is also usually surrounded by 3 prongs. The most important one is obviously the one protecting the tapered end. This point is very susceptible to damage and getting caught in objects so this prong is crucial. Also, this point, due to the way it is cut, is most likely to show some slight inclusions which is why the prong is so useful.

Here are just a few of our favourite pear cuts that we have in our showroom to view. Keep in mind that we can bespoke design your dream pear-cut setting too.

 1. VR1021- Pear-Cut Halo engagement ringHalo diamond engagement ring pear cut

Set in 18k white gold with a total carat weight of 1.06cts. This stunning vintage style engagement ring is set with a GIA certified pear shaped diamond. Centre diamond is 0.71 carats and graded F colour with Vvs1 clarity. This is surrounded by a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds.

Ring spec can be seen at: /1-06-carat-pear-cut-halo-diamond-engagement-ring-vr1021/

2. SR1018 – Pear-Cut Solitaire engagement ring

Set in 18k white gold, this stunning engagement ring is set with a pear cut diamond. It is secured in a claw setting. It is a classic and timeless piece. The centre diamond is 0.70ct and available in all different sizes.

The pear-cut is definitely a trend to watch and we love the unusual and beautiful designs that can be created incorporating this cut.

Ring spec can be seen at: /0-70-carat-pear-cut-solitaire-diamond-engagement-ring-sr1018/

Pear shaped diamond engagement ring Dublin SR1018

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