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Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Navigating the, for most, previously uncharted waters of engagement ring shopping can turn into a real headache if unprepared. The best way to make this the exciting and momentous time that it should be is to do some research before going out into jewellers. This will assist in avoiding the inevitable feeling of being overwhelmed upon entry. Carrying on from our informative blog about pear-cut diamonds, this blog is all about the oval cut diamondThis cut has grown astronomically in popularity in recent years and there are many reasons why. From its versatility and beautiful appearance, the oval cut diamond has a lot to offer!

Oval Cut Diamonds

The oval cut diamond is a truly stunning stone. A feature of it that appeals to many is the fact that this cut of diamond appears larger than say, a round cut diamond. This is due to the surface area of the oval cut diamond is larger at the top. It is estimated that a 1ct oval would appear 10% larger than the same size round cut. Basically, you’re getting the same carat weight, that looks larger at (usually) a lower price!

Another great feature of these stones is that they make the finger appear narrower and longer. The larger surface area of the diamond can give the illusion of more slender fingers which is a nice added bonus of getting such an engagement ring. It is important to pay attention to the length to width ratio. The larger this ratio is the longer and narrower the diamond will appear so it would be good to know what your preferred style is before shopping.

Although this cut is more rare than a princess and round cut- the oval cut should be cheaper than these. This is because the demand for ovals has yet to reach the popularity levels of these stones. However, this mightn’t last long with the rate at which this stone is garnering attention. Furthermore, you are not compromising on sparkle by going with an oval cut. Although the round will always have the highest brilliance- the oval isn’t far behind.

Here are some of our favourite styles of oval rings that we have available to view in our showroom:

1. TR1081Oval and round three stone diamond engagement ring TR1081 - V1

Set in 18k white gold, with a total carat weight of 0.71, this trilogy diamond ring set is made up with a 0.51 carat oval brilliant cut diamond in the centre in a four claw setting. The ring has an additional 0.20 carat round brilliant cut diamond the band. The centre diamond is certified, E in colour and Vs in clarity.

Ring spec at: 0-71-carat-oval-cut-diamond-three-stone-engagement-ring-tr1081/

2. SR1032

Oval Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Ireland SR1032A solitaire ring set with a 0.70 carat oval cut diamond in a four claw setting. This ring is set in 18k yellow gold but is available in all precious metals. The certified centre diamond is F in colour with Vs clarity. The centre diamond can be changed to any carat weight to suit your style and budget.

Ring spec at: /0-70-carat-oval-cut-solitaire-diamond-engagement-ring-sr1032/

3. PR1051oval cut side stone diamond engagement ring

Side stone diamond ring set in 18k white gold with a 0.80 carat oval cut center diamond secured in a claw setting. There is an additional 0.15 carats on the band in an antique style setting. This ring is shown in white gold but is available in 18k yellow gold, 18k rose gold and platinum. The band features a slight taper drawing the eye towards the centre diamond.

Ring spec at: /0-95ct-oval-cut-side-stone-diamond-engagement-ring-pr1051/

The oval cut diamond looks good in all styles and is definitely a stone worth considering!

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