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10 Proposal Ideas

10 Proposal Ideas

There are so many different ways to propose, choosing one idea may be difficult or maybe you’re finding hard to come up with the perfect way of popping the question. Here we’ve outlined some nice, creative and romantic proposal ideas that are easy for anyone to organise.


In Public

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but if you’re confident that your soon to be fiancé would love it then here’s a few options.
• You could keep it simple, propose in a place which has some sentimental value to you both, whether it’s the first place you met, maybe where you had your best date or your partners favourite restaurant. Popping the question in any of the places will definitely go down well.
• If you want something a little more ‘out there’ well there is an endless amount you could do but some of our favourites and classics are hiring skywriters to spell out your proposal or hire a brass band/choir to back you as your ask your partner for their hand.



Valentines day proposalRelaxed, hot weather (depending on where you’re going), and the best part is no cooking or cleaning afterwards. Possible the perfect way to ask, celebrate the new engagement.
• You could something simple like write a message in the sand while you sit together at the beach, or stage a “message in a bottle” along the shore and get your partner to read it.
• Organise with the hotel staff to place the engagement ring in a glass of champagne and bring it up as room service, hand your partner the glass and pop the question!


Something Unique and Creative

Engagement proposal hillOften the best proposals are the most unusual and creative ones. They can be as easy or difficult as you want but they’re always winners.
• Something extremely easy and equally as charming is literally “Popping the question”. Using a Christmas Cracker, a Fortune Cookie or a Kinder Surprise, or anything else you can think of, put the engagement ring inside and give it to your partner. It will be the last thing on they’re mind and a brilliant surprise. Keeping with the interactive theme, a personalised scratch card is a great idea and can be customised however you like it. You could get them to match three hearts, diamonds or even a picture of your face and leave a little proposal message too!
• One of our favourites is food customisation, it could be spelling the message with their favourite food, hiding the ring in their favourite dessert or customising a label on the packaging. You also get to eat it after!

Stay Home

Have a cosy night in!
• Light some candles, make a nice meal and watch a movie, when you’re both ready to go to bed simply slip the engagement ring on their hand and wait. Alternatively you could propose during dessert by decorating their plate nicely and leaving the ring on it.
• Or order their favourite take-away and hide the ring in the box.

Proposal and a Party

Get the whole family involved and invite some close friends over too.
• Either by getting family and friends to hide until you’ve popped the question and then celebrate the happy day with a party.
• Another option is to get everyone involved and be part of the proposal. Something nice would be playing a game of charades or Chinese whispers, it’ll be a great bit of fun and a brilliant surprise for your soon to be fiancé at the end.

These are just a few ideas to help you get started, when it comes down to it any type of proposal will be perfect, romantic and memorable for you and your partner.

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