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How to Get Your Partner’s Ring Size

So, you’re planning on proposing and you’ve just found the perfect ring. But then the jeweller asks the dreaded question, “Do you know their ring size?” Suddenly, this doesn’t seem like such a good idea! Fear not, we have the tips and tricks you can try to –subtly- get your partner’s ring size with a least reasonable accuracy!

Ask Them..Subtly

The first way to find their ring size is to simply pretend to be buying a ring for someone else, say an aunt, sister, friend, etc. However, make sure they are of similar build to the one you intend on proposing to. Ask them their ring size for reference.

Take Their Ring

If they wear rings regularly, you’re in luck! Simply, bring one of their rings (the one they wear on their relevant finger if possible!). A good jeweller will be able to gauge their ring size from this.

Look at Their Rings

If taking the rings is unfeasible as perhaps they wear them constantly, an option to try is to trace the inner circle of their ring and the outer circle of the ring. Repeat this several times to aid consistency. By doing this, a jeweller will be able to get an approximation of the diameter, and consequently, the ring size.

Try on Their Rings

Another tactic is to try on the rings and see which finger it fits on you or else how far it will go down on your finger. Leave a mark using a pen on where it fits best and then the jeweller will use the ring sizer to get the closest to accurate size. Make sure it’s a ring that’s worn on the left hand as often the dominant hand can be slightly bigger.

Just Ask

If the future has been a frequent topic and a proposal is on the cards anyway, your partner may appreciate just being asked flat out. This means there is no risk, no stress and there’s still an element of surprise as to the ring style and the way you decide to propose.

Ask Friends!

Friends can be the greatest resource when engagement ring shopping. Why not ask their best friend to take them ring shopping just for something to do casually. That way there will be no element of doubt or risk and you get a good estimate for size, especially if the jeweller takes her size professionally.

Play the odds

Approx 60-80% of Irish women are in the finger range K-M. A ring in this range will likely be not too far off. If you partner is of average size, it likely her fingers will be in this range.

But most importantly, do not stress! Rings can be easily resized from Bespoke Diamonds Dublin.
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