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When to Remove your Engagement Ring

When to Remove your Engagement Ring

Tips for when to remove your engagement ring


Whether you’re doing your daily/weekly/monthly cleaning it’s always a good idea to remove your engagement ring. Not only can scrubbing and scouring damage and scratch your engagement ring but the chemicals in products used for cleaning can also discolour it. This will more then likely need to be professionally cleaned and polished. It’s always a good idea to remove your ring and put it in a safe location.


Whether it’s in a pool or at the beach, both are a terrible idea unless you remove your engagement ring. Chlorine, like the chemicals in cleaning products, can discolour your engagement ring. It may even strip the rhodium plating from a white gold engagement ring. Salt from the sea can also damage the ring and its setting causing it to become weak. Another reason to avoid wearing your ring while swimming is because when submerged in water fingers shrink. This makes it much more likely to lose your engagement ring while swimming.

Tips for when to remove your engagement ring


Moisturizing or using hand cream on a regular basis while wearing your engagement ring can cause unwanted damage. The ingredients in these products can cause your bright and sparkly ring to become dull and lifeless looking. Makeup and any kind body spray or perfumes can even discolour your ring and will need to be professionally cleaned. When going about your daily routine make sure to remove your engagement ring.


When exercising not only can you lose your ring but you can also damage it. Lifting weights can put pressure on the ring shank and cause it to becoming bent and misshapen. Over time this can weaken the setting and can lead to the stones falling out. Using gym equipment can also scratch the engagement ring which again would need to be professionally polished.

Tips for when to remove your engagement ring


While in bed it’s important to remove your engagement ring because not only could you damage the ring you could also injure yourself or your partner.



It is important to remove your engagement ring when in any of the above scenarios, to avoid any unwanted damage or losing the ring. Always store your engagement ring in a safe place that you won’t forget and it’s always a good idea to keep it in its own box to avoid being scratched by any other jewellery.


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