What are black diamonds?

Black diamonds are growing in popularity over the past few years but do you know much about them?

There is a lot of inaccurate information online about them but we hope to answer some of these now.


black diamond engagement ringDetermining the Value of Black Diamond

When it comes to the value of a black diamond – or any diamond, the price can be explained by simple economics – supply and demand. Any commodity which is in high supply and low demand will be inexpensive. The opposite is also true – any commodity which is in high demand in short supply will yield a high price.

In recent years, the demand for black diamonds has increased with more and more jewellers and fashion designers incorporating them into designs. In many instances people do not realise (or are not interested) that they are black diamonds. In other instances, many people love the idea of a diamond which is so unusual and different. Many black are treated to enhance the black. An untreated black diamond is not very attractive with most of the stone black but large white inclusions appearing. Treating the black diamond results in a more pure and even black around the diamond.

While not as rate as pink or yellow diamond, black diamonds are still diamonds. They are rare and expensive to mine. Fancy coloured diamonds get their colour from the impurities when they are formed. Black diamonds are different. They are basically white diamonds which are really really badly included. So badly included that the diamond looks black. A diamond which is so badly included is quite rare – its easier to find a badly included diamond but not one that is fully included to appear black.

For this reason, the black diamonds you see in jewellers are basically painted black through heat treatment.

So black diamonds are not overly expensive – they are still diamonds but not natural in the sense they have been altered in nearly all instances.

The reason someone may want a black diamond engagement ring should not solely relate to price but style. They are different and unique and this makes they sought after.

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