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Vintage Engagement Rings at Bespoke Diamonds Dublin

What is meant by Vintage Engagement Rings?

In most cases, when people ask about vintage engagement rings, it is about the style rather than the age of the ring. Vintage usually refers to anything over 20 years old so when we talk about our “vintage engagement rings”, we are referring to “vintage style engagement rings!”

Everyone wants the uniqueness factor in their engagement ring and everyone has their own ideas about how they’ll go about achieving this. One of our favourite ways to get this look, is with one of our vintage style engagement ring re-makes. The beauty of these designs is that they really tell the story of the era they represent and they exhibit a timeless beauty. These modern styles aren’t for everyone which is why we recognise the importance of showcasing these stunning styles.

princess-cut-halo-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1Engagement Ring Trends Through the Years

In the 4th century the Romans began wearing iron rings indoors and switched to the higher quality gold when outdoors. In the Middle Ages, sapphires and rubies began to be added. The earliest recorded addition of diamonds was in 1477. Diamonds began to become more readily available in the 18th century. In the 19th century they revolutionised how diamonds were cut and polished  which led to even more beautiful designs. The 1920s and 30s represented the Art Deco era of rings featuring more geometric styles.

The 1940s had bigger and bolder rings with more styles incorporating bows/flowers etc. The 1950s had an influx of stacked rings. The 60s and 70s featured more unusual cuts of diamonds such as the radiant and asscher cut diamond. The influence of Princess Diana led to more people opting for sapphires in the 1980s. In the more recent times, no one style has dominated. Trends have emerged such as the use of rose gold, the growth of halos, etc but it’s difficult to define an overriding theme.

What are examples of vintage engagement rings?Pave set diamond halo engagement ring from Dublin jewellers VR1047 - v1


A beautiful example of a vintage style halo engagement ring is as our 1ct vintage halo engagement ring (right).

For more examples of vintage engagement rings, click here.

Celebrities with Vintage engagement Rings celebrity halo diamond ringcelebrity gemstone and diamond ring

Many celebrities have recognised how well these beautiful styles stand out on the red carpet. For example, the actress, Olivia Wilde, has a beautiful halo with a large central diamond surrounded by a halo of small emeralds. The ring’s design is believed to originate from France in the 1920s. Another one of our favourite famous rings belongs to Jessica Biel who has one of the most intricate and stand-out designs. This ring features an unusual cushion cut centre surrounded by a double halo. However, the most unusual element of this ring is that the band features the Greek evil eye. The darker platinum metal also really adds to the vintage feel.

Vintage Style Rings at Bespoke Diamonds

Here at Bespoke, we offer an array of vintage designs re-made in the high quality materials offered in contemporary rings. This means your ring will stand the test of time & you get the timeless beauty of the ring of your dreams. Just make an appointment with us in our offices on Kildare Street in Dublin city centre.

Our Vintage Style Ring Collection

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