Buying An Engagement Ring Online? Our Top Tips

How we shop is constantly evolving, and online retail’s once steady growth has expanded exponentially in the past year.

Due to COVID19 lockdowns and restrictions, along with recommendations to avoid busy spaces, it’s no surprise more and more people are choosing to shop online.

But is buying an engagement ring online a good idea?

The simple answer is, yes, but we do encourage people to always exercise caution when making an expensive purchase online.

Here are our top tips on how to safely purchase an engagement ring online:


Buy from a reputable jeweller

Always research the business you’re purchasing from beforehand. Check their social media accounts for more accurate pictures of their products and read customer comments and reviews. The best way to learn about a business is to hear from past customers. In particular, make sure to look out for comments and reviews referencing product quality and customer service.

Make sure that it is a business you can trust.

At Bespoke Diamonds, we are proud to have over 380 five-star reviews on Google from past customers. You can also check out our social media accounts for more pictures of our products!

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Buy Local

An engagement ring is a ring for life so it is always advisable to purchase your ring from a business you can travel to – ideally by car and not a transatlantic flight! This allows you more access to the services provided by the business which may be beneficial over the years, such as cleaning, maintenance or even the remodelling of your ring.

Many of our services here at Bespoke Diamonds are only available to our customers. We offer FREE lifetime sonic cleaning on all rings purchased from our store or online website, FREE rhodium plating for your engagement ring before your wedding and discounts on wedding rings if you purchase your engagement ring with us.

Try Before You Buy

“Try Before You Buy” is a service we offer here at Bespoke Diamonds. We understand that not all of our customers are currently able to travel to our Dublin showroom. So, if you see a ring you like on our website and would like to try it on before you decide to buy it, we can send you silver samples of the rings you’re interested in.

These sample rings are exact replicas of our diamond rings, except they are made from silver with cubic zirconia stones.

This service requires a €150 fully refundable deposit, per ring. You will receive the refund once the sample ring is returned in a stamped envelope that we will provide.

Know your rights

Know your consumer rights. When you are buying from within the EU you have many more rights that if you were purchasing from the US or Middle East.

Make sure you always read the terms and conditions.


When it comes to diamonds, it’s always important to understand exactly what you’re spending your money on. This is to ensure you’re getting value for your money.

The quality and price of your diamond is based on the “4 C’s”: carat, cut, clarity, colour.

Carat: the weight of the diamond. The heavier the diamond the bigger it is.

Cut: how the angles (facets) and proportions of the stone interact with the light, i.e., what makes the ring “sparkle”.  We recommend  Excellent – Very Good cut.

Clarity: is based on the size, number and position of imperfections. Due to the nature of diamonds, blemishes are common. However, anything lower than S11 or SI2 clarity will have imperfections that are visible to the naked eye.

Colour: Diamonds are rated on the colour chart D – Z. We recommend D – F coloured diamonds as they are colourless.

Also, make sure your diamond is certified, this certificate will give you assurance about the quality and value of your diamond. At Bespoke Diamonds, all of our diamonds are certified by either GIA, IGI or HRD. We also offer free independent valuations with all our rings.

Always compare prices before you purchase. The general rule is, if it sounds too good to be true, chances are it probably is!

Ring sizing is also a tricky part of purchasing online. While there are plenty of methods to get a rough ring size, Bespoke Diamonds also offers free ring resizing within 30 days of purchase.

Check out our previous post, Essential Guide To Knowing And Choosing Your Diamonds.

Order Early

The exact ring style and size you’re looking for may not always be in stock. This means the ring will be have to be made for you. At Bespoke Diamond, this process takes approximately 4 weeks.

So, be mindful of busy proposal periods such as Christmas, New Years or Valentines as rings may take longer. The quietest time of year is generally September or October.

Return policy

At Bespoke Diamonds, with the exception of custom-made rings, online purchases are subject to a 14-day money back guarantee. Once the 14 days have passed, but within 30 days of purchase, returned rings can be exchanged.

Take your time

Engagement ring shopping does not need to be a stressful experience. Whether you’re shopping with the intention of a surprise proposal or a couple browsing for rings together, take your time to look at all the products and styles available on each website. If you have any questions before you make your purchase, don’t hesitate to contact the business.

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice either. All of the rings on our website come with a product enquiry option to make it easier to ask any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can email us at info@bespokediamonds.ie or contact us on social media. We try to respond to all queries as soon as possible.

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