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Pros and Cons of Resetting an Old Ring

Whether you’re looking to purchase an engagement ring, a wedding ring or a very special ring for a very special someone, it’s always worth considering all the options. While a new ring can make someone’s eyes sparkle, an older ring can have an equally exhilarating effect.

Unless a highly valued antique, people sometimes tend to overlook older rings and leave them as memorabilia rather than using them as a functional piece of jewellery.

Old rings aren’t always family heirlooms passed down from generations. Sometimes it can be a great find in an antique shop or perhaps just an old piece of jewellery acquired years, if not, decades ago. While some pieces retain their original timeless look and increasing value, others tend to not age so well and need a bit of updating. Equally, this can be a ring from a previous relationship that carries unwelcome memories.

Whatever the case, thinking about resetting an old ring is something worth considering. To help guide you in this decision, we have put together a list of pros and cons regarding resetting an old ring.

Why You Should Consider Resetting an Old Ring

There are many reasons why you might want to reset an old ring and give it a new life instead of choosing a completely new ring. Some of the most common reasons for resetting old rings are:

  • You have a vintage ring that you have inherited. The design of the ring is dated and it doesn’t look modern anymore or is not fit for your intended wearer.
  • You have an old ring which carries unwelcome or painful memories or associations and you want something new and fresh without having to actually purchase a new ring.
  • You have an old ring with a dated look that could be updated to fit the current trends.
  • You have an heirloom diamond or an heirloom gemstone that you would like to incorporate into a ring.
  • You like your old ring but don’t like a particular feature (band, setting etc.).
  • You have a ring that has been slightly damaged.

What to Consider Before Resetting an Old Ring?

There are a few things you might want to consider before heading off to the jeweller’s to reset your old ring and give it a new breath of life. While it is always welcome to have a consultation first, it is best to have some things already sorted through that would then help speed up the process of resetting the old ring.

1. Emotional attachment to the piece of jewellery

Being emotionally attached to a piece of jewellery isn’t something that should be overlooked. Whether it is an inherited ring or one that carries other emotional ties, it might not always be as easy to let these attachments go as it might have seemed in the beginning.

First, consider what personal value your old ring holds for you. Ask yourself, whether you are ready for a change. If thinking about it is too hard, then perhaps it might be best to not go through with resetting the ring.

On the other hand, perhaps it’s worth considering keeping some of the most prominent and memorable features of the old ring in the new design. This is one of the key things you can discuss with your jeweller. Make sure to mention what it is you don’t like about the old ring and which features you do like and would prefer to keep. This will give your jeweller a much better idea for what to suggest design-wise for the new ring. Keeping some of the old features is an excellent compromise that still allows you to reflect on the memories you have with this piece but also gives the ring a second life.

2. Financial value

When it comes to old rings or other pieces of jewellery for that matter, it is always worth looking at its financial value too before considering resetting it. On some occasions, a piece of jewellery in its original form will be much more valuable than a remodelled one. Look at it this way – with antique jewellery pieces, the whole piece is likely to be more valuable than some of its parts.

Talk to your jeweller about the value of the piece and how it would increase or decrease with modifications. Consider whether that matters to you. Even though certain rings can be great pieces for investment, it’s not always about the numbers. Perhaps, you just want something with a fresh look and something that you can have daily use from instead of sitting in a jewellery box.

3. Do you want the ring restored, remodelled or modified?

A change doesn’t always need to be significant. Old rings can be modified and remodelled completely or they can simply be restored in case of being damaged. Look at your old ring and think about what it is that you want. Sometimes even the smallest changes can have a significant impact. For example, if you have a yellow diamond or a gemstone within a band that doesn’t compliment the stone, a simple change of the band can give the ring a whole new fresh look without changing the overall design.

Pros of Resetting an Old Ring

  • The ability to customise a high-value piece to suit the wearer. Engagement rings, in particular, are intended for everyday wear so it doesn’t make sense to wear a piece that doesn’t suit the wearer or doesn’t bring joy.
  • Resetting an old ring can improve the appearance of the diamond or other gemstones. Not only does it bring out the best features of the stones but also can improve wearability and the overall look to fit a modern lifestyle. Consider whether the band compliments the diamond and whether its current setting allows for the ring to be worn every day. A different metal band and setting can improve appearance and wearability.
  • If the band of the old ring is damaged but the stone is in excellent condition, resetting the ring in a new band can increase its value.
  • Vintage or antique rings often have gemstones that nowadays are considered to be more valuable than before because of increased scarcity of some gemstones. If this is the case with your ring, resetting a highly valuable gemstone in a new ring setting can, again, increase its value.

Cons of Resetting an Old Ring

  • As mentioned before, sometimes vintage rings are more valuable as a whole piece than its parts. If retaining the highest value possible is important to you, consider this before resetting your old ring.
  • If your old ring is damaged or in poor condition, think whether it is worth to throw good money after bad money. Depending on which part of the ring is damaged, sometimes resetting just might not be worth it.
  • Consider family attachments to the ring. If the ring is a family heirloom that has been passed down from generations in its current state and it is intended to be passed down as it is, maybe resetting it isn’t a good long-term plan. Make sure to factor your family into the decision if this is the case.
  • Sometimes resetting and redesigning an old ring can take longer than getting a new ring.


Nowadays, there are endless opportunities for resetting old jewellery and sometimes a simple update to a ring’s design can be a much better option than getting a whole new ring.

Discuss your options with us and we’ll suggest something that fits your needs best. From getting a new band for your ring to incorporating bespoke diamonds in an old ring to make it more modern, there is plenty to choose from when it comes to resetting.

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