Pink diamond engagement ring


New Trend – Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

A womans diamond engagement ring is definitely her pride and joy.  Its a nice reminder every time she glances at  her hand. Getting engaged is one of the most memorable occasions in any persons life. Often the woman will give her choice of ring. However, much thought is given even before she gets engaged. When she gets engaged she searches until she finds her perfect ring. Many key factors exist. This includes such factors as the size of the diamond. It also includes the shape of diamond and also the colour. As is the case with every lady, she wants her ring to be unique.  As a result, this is therefore drawing many couples towards choosing pink diamonds. This is instead of the usual white diamond. Pink diamonds are without doubt gaining popularity in recent years.

Pink diamond

White diamonds are a safe choice and always remain a classic. However, in order to be different from everyone else it might be necessary to chose a coloured diamond. An example of this would be a pink diamond. Couples are always looking for an alternative to a white diamond. A pink diamond could be the perfect solution. As a result the demand for pink diamonds has rapidly been soaring. This is the case for other coloured diamonds.

It is true to say that pink stones are quite rare. Experts in the field maintain a number of condition must exist for their formation.  The forces mentioned are the very elements that give it the pink colour. The structure of a pink diamond is also different from the structure of a white diamond.

Coloured Diamonds

It is rare to find coloured diamonds. It is possible to find 12 colours of diamonds. There are over 230 possible colour combinations. Pink is a popular coloured diamond because it personifies love and romance. This is of course the very meaning of an engagement and a couple in love. Therefore it tends to really fit in with the occasion to a larger extent than other coloured diamonds. Yellow diamonds are also rare and gaining popularity among engaged couples. However, pink diamonds are the most rare. For this reason of course the price per carat is higher than other diamonds. It is seen as an exclusive stone and luxury diamond.

Diamond Quality

Every colour of diamond including white diamonds are graded according to their overall quality. The things that it is assesed on are as follows. Carat weight, cut, clarity, and color are all examined. The colour quality is thought to be the most crucial factor for fancy coloured diamonds. A diamond that is purely pink and free of any other colours is more pure. As a result, it will be more expensive. However, this is extremely rare and hard to find. Pink coloured diamonds that are available on the market today typically consist of secondary hues. This includes brown, brownish orange, brownish purple, purple, and gray.

Most couples today cannot afford a natural pure pink coloured diamond. This is because it is so rare and expensive. As a result, many couples opt for a more affordable option. This includes a treated pink diamond. The treatment process results in a diamond ring that is high-quality. It is durable, and virtually impossible to tell apart from a pure pink ring.

Coloured diamonds are certainly growing in demand. With the romantic links of the colour pink its easy to understand why.

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