Mangagement ring fro Johnny Depp


Should men wear engagement rings?

According to a survey from earlier this year, five percent of engaged men are now wearing so-called “mangagement ring“.  Some commentators believe that this trend is set to grow in the coming years. Gender equality is becoming more pronounced in relationships. Men are developing a desire to show their commitment in the same way that their partners do. This is by wearing an engagement ring.

This isn’t a completely new idea. As far back as 1926 jewellers were attempting to popularise engagement rings for men. However it is only in recent years that men have actually begun wearing engagement rings. This perhaps reflecting the progressive changes that have occurred more recently in contemporary society. It is conceivable that this trend could become more widespread. This is considering that men only began to wear wedding rings on a widespread basis from the 1950’s onwards.

Mangagement Ring Tradition

Mangagement ring fro Johnny DeppIt seems hard to imagine now, but not too long ago it was only women who wore wedding rings. It took celebrity stars such as Humphrey Bogart to popularise the idea. Before then, menwere not seen wearing wedding rings. Today Johnny Depp is probably the most high-profile celebrity to wear an engagement ring. Earlier this year Depp and his fiancee Amber Heard showed off their engagement rings simultaneously. And since then another survey has reported that 67 percent of men are open to wearing an engagement ring. We think that this management ring concept would be a great addition to traditional engagement celebrations. We’ll be keeping a close eye to see whether this trend catches on in Ireland. Maybe it will be one of our local celebrities who leads the way!  Either way, we here at Bespoke Diamonds will continue showing our certified diamonds to men and women. For themselves, their partners or whom ever.

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