Items For Cleaning Diamond Engagement Ring


How to Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring

A question we get asked is – how do I clean my diamond engagement ring? The answer is very simple.
The following video may be useful to watch. It shows how to clean your engagement ring and there’s more info below.

With diamond engagement rings, it is very hard to keep them clean all of the time. Because of this, daily tasks affect your engagement ring. Grease, dirt, hand cream, and how to clean your diamond ring - beforesoap all have an impact on a ring. See useful article on how to look after your engagement ring.

A dirty ring can make your diamond look dull, thankfully there is an easy solution to this problem.

At Bespoke Diamonds, we offer free sonic cleaning for life for all of our customers. We simply clean the diamond engagement ring in our Ultrasonic cleaner. As a result, in only 2 minutes your ring is back to its sparkly best.

However, if this is inconvenient for you don’t worry, you can clean your diamond ring at home. All you need to make your ring sparkle again is a mug, washing up liquid, a kettle and a child’s toothbrush. Below are the four steps you need to do to make your ring look brand new again!

Items For Cleaning Diamond Engagement Ring

1. Pour hot water into a mug and squeeze in two drops of washing up liquid.
2. Place your diamond ring in the hot water for two minutes.
3. Take the ring out of the hot water and gently rub the dirty areas with a child’s toothbrush (fine bristles and softer).
4. After cleaning with the toothbrush, dry the ring with tissue paper and enjoy your new sparkly ring!

Before and After Halo Diamond Engagement Ring cleanIt is recommended to clean your ring with this method every 4-6 weeks. However, if your ring is white gold, it is also recommended to get the ring rhodium plated every 18 months.  This is service that we provide. The same applies with platinum, yellow gold and rose gold rings, which would be polished.

As a result, you no longer have the excuse of a dirty engagement ring.  Now all that matters is how much your diamond ring sparkles! It may also be useful to investigate when you should remove your engagement ring.

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