How to Choose the perfect diamond earrings


How To Choose The Perfect Pair Of Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings make the perfect gift. For birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, weddings or even as a treat for yourself. Earrings are a very versatile piece of jewellery. Not least because most styles are suitable for everyday wear. Diamond earrings can also be paired with precious stones such as ruby or sapphire. This makes for an exquisite piece of jewellery.

A step up from regular stud earrings, diamond earrings provide years of wear and enjoyment. One of their standout features is how the diamonds catch the light to produce a beautiful sparkle. A pair of quality diamond earrings make for the perfect accompaniment to any outfit, not least for special occasions too.

Here at Bespoke Diamonds, we sell a wide range of diamond earrings starting from €265. Whether you have a special occasion or everyday wear in mind, we have put together the following guide to help you choose the perfect pair of diamond earrings.

What are diamonds?

Diamonds are minerals that are mined out of the ground from different locations across the world. They are the hardest mineral found on the earth and are located deep underground. Diamonds are exposed to extreme heat and pressure. This gives each diamond a unique size, quality, clarity and shape.

Before being put into jewellery, diamonds are assessed on a scale known as “the four C’s” by professional gemologists. The four C’s assess the following: colour, clarity, cut and carat weight. Based on the grading of each category, this determines how valuable the diamond is.

Diamonds are cherished due to their dazzling sparkle. Whether used in a pair of earrings, bracelets or rings they have a refined opulence that cannot be mistaken.

Carat weight

A factor that determines the value of diamond earrings is the carat weight, which refers to the physical weight of the diamond. A carat weighs 200mg, which is just ⅕ of a gram. So for a diamond to be classed as 5 karats, the stone would need to weigh 1 gram. Although the carat weight indicates the size. If the clarity or colour is low this would impact the overall value. So carat weight alone is not definitive of the price.

Our diamond earrings have a combined range from 0.20 carats for our Round Cut Diamond Stud Earrings. This ranges up to 1.00 carats for our exquisite Sapphire & Diamond Halo Style Earrings. With flexible carat weights spanning both the diamonds and precious stones, you can choose a carat weight that suits both your budget and the occasion.

The material

When choosing your diamond earrings at Bespoke Diamonds, you can choose between white gold, yellow gold or gold. To help you decide which material to choose, it’s worth considering a few thins. If the earrings are intended to be worn with existing jewellery. If so, ideally the material should match for continuity. Diamond earrings are typically 9k, 14k or 18k.

As a general guide, white gold tends to suit cool skin tones better, and yellow gold/gold suits warmer skin tones better. Of course, the biggest deciding factors are preference and budget. If you are unsure what material would be best for your diamond earrings, we’d be happy to guide you further at our Dublin city centre location.

The style

Diamond earrings are created in a vast amount of shapes and designs. At Bespoke Diamonds, we have various styles of diamond earrings available at our Dublin location. Here are just some of the styles we can provide:

Round cut – A circular shaped diamond. Typically held in place by claws that secure the diamond to the stud.

Bezel set – A diamond (usually round cut) that is set into a material such as yellow gold, that surrounds the external edges.

Halo style – Diamonds that are set in a circular ring of material such as 18k white gold. It gives the earrings more prominence as they appear larger on the ear.

Pavé set – A pavé setting originates from the French translation which means paved with diamonds. The earrings may follow a particular decorative shape, rather than one solid diamond in the middle.

Drop earrings – A cascading style of earrings that drop below the ear in the shape of a vertical line. An exquisite choice for weddings or other formal occasions.

Floral style – Diamonds set in the shape of a flower.

Precious stones

In addition to diamonds, your earrings can also feature precious stones such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires or even pearls. Gemstones can have birthstone connotations, such as ruby is the birthstone for people born in July. However, there is no set month you need to be born in to enjoy the splendour of precious stones to accompany your diamond earrings. For example, if you are looking to purchase a pair of diamond earrings for a bride, then sapphires would make for a majestic ‘something blue’ addition.

Another precious stone worth considering to pair with your diamond earrings is emerald. Once commonly graced by Elizabeth Taylor, emeralds exude statemented luxury whether paired with diamonds or used on their own. Our 1.00 Carat Diamond & Emerald Drop Earrings would make for a fine gift no matter what the occasion.

For a truly regal combination, our 1.10 Carat Amethyst & Diamond Stud Earrings are simply show-stopping. We can provide a variety of other diamond and precious stone combinations, so please contact us to discuss your preferences.

The occasion

When deciding on what material, style or precious stone combination to choose for your diamond earrings, it’s also useful to consider the occasion you intend to wear them at. For example, if you are looking for a pair of diamond earrings to wear on a daily basis, then a round cut is sophisticated yet practical.

However, for an occasion where you are likely to wear formal dress, or for a milestone celebration, a more prominent style of diamond earrings could be more fitting. An example would be a drop style earring that will cascade diamonds down the neck. Such a style is ideal when paired against bare shoulders in an evening gown, for example.

For milestone birthdays or anniversaries, a halo cut offers a spectacular array of diamonds that are equally versatile. As there are many different styles of diamond earrings, factoring in the occasion can help sway your decision.

Need more help?

Here at Bespoke Diamonds, we know that buying diamond earrings or any other piece of jewellery is a special and considered purchase. If you’re unsure which diamond earrings would be most suitable for your next piece, why not make an appointment for a consultation at our Dublin store for further advice?

Alternatively, you can call us on +353 (0)1 68 55 800, where our friendly and knowledgeable team are waiting to help. We also offer a no-obligation ring design service, allowing you to bring your ideas to life. We look forward to assisting you with your future jewellery purchase, that will be handmade by our expert term here in Dublin, Ireland.

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