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Grey Diamond Engagement Rings

Grey Diamonds have grown in popularity over the past few years. But what exactly are grey diamonds and why are they so popular now?

The trend of different coloured diamonds began with the popularity of the pink and yellow diamonds. As a result, other coloured diamonds followed suit in recent times. The days of just the traditional white diamond have gone. Now, more and more people are opting for a more unique centre stone.

Most of the grey diamonds get their colour due to high concentration of hydrogen. As opposed to white diamonds which get their colour from carbon.

The grey diamonds have a unique look and on an engagement ring and should be paired with white diamonds. As a result, the white diamonds allow the grey diamond to stand out on the engagement ring.

Grey diamonds fall into two categories – Fancy Grey Diamonds and Included/Salt and Pepper Grey Diamonds.

Fancy Grey Diamonds

The first type of Grey Diamonds are Fancy Grey Diamonds. The list goes from – Faint Grey, Very Light Grey, Light Grey, Fancy Light Grey, Fancy Grey and Fancy Dark Grey.

Fancy Grey Diamond Scale of Colours Bespoke Diamonds

Greenish Yellow Grey Diamond Bespoke DiamondsThese diamonds can also be found with different colours such as blue, green, violet and many more. The grey diamond can be modified by a certain colour which results in a unique looking diamond. The types of diamonds that come from the combination are Fancy Blue-Grey Diamonds, Fancy Dark Violet-Grey Diamonds and much more. However, the colour modified diamonds are much more expensive. This is due to the rarity of the stone when compared to the price of normal fancy grey diamonds.

Included/ Salt and Pepper Grey Diamonds


The second type of Grey Diamond is an Included/ Salt and Pepper Grey Diamond. These diamonds get their name from the number of inclusions on the stone. The salt and pepper refers to the diamonds with a high presence of white inclusions (Salt) and black inclusions (Pepper) on the stone. The imperfections that normally are undesirable in white diamonds, actually act in a way to give the grey diamond a unique and beautiful look.

With the grey diamonds, the number of grey hues are sizeable. A description of a grey diamond would usually begin with a smoky or cloudy grey and end with a dark grey colour.

The included grey diamonds are more affordable when compared to the traditional white coloured diamonds. The durability of the grey diamond is the same as the white diamonds.

Are Grey Diamonds Valuable?

Over recent years Grey Diamonds have become more and more sought after. However, the price range for Grey Diamonds are on par with yellow and brown diamonds. Therefore, the Grey Diamonds are not as valuable as one would first think.

Here at Bespoke Diamonds we’re able to set a Grey Diamond in any of our settings. In all of our Solitaire Ring, Three Stone Rings, Side Stone Rings and Halo Rings can be set the Grey Diamond. If you would like to contact us please do so via email at info@bespokediamonds.ie or call us on 01-6855800.

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