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The Rise of the Family Ring

Gone are the days when women had to wait around for Valentine’s Day to receive a gift of jewellery. Today, rings are being given for many different occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, graduations, etc. These types of rings are not just being presented in during a romantic meal with a cello player in the corner of a cute, intimate restaurant. While engagement rings are still popular and the first thing that comes to mind when we see that little satin jewellery box, family rings are now all the rage!

The Rise in Popularity

Over the last decade, these family rings have seen a skyrocket in sales, gaining in popularity on wish lists across the world. Families love the fact that they can, together, create a custom made ring that represents their entire family and the love they share. With other stylistic choices, such as cut, clarity, setting and size, no two rings are identical. This creates a special feeling and a completely unique gift for a loved one. It’s not the same as buying a necklace in the window that other women in class or at work might have. This has stones that are directly related to the wearer of the ring. In other words, this piece will be a one of a kind.

Recently we helped a customer find her perfect family ring. The customer wanted the ring to contain five stones to represent each member of her family. Birthstones such as the Amethyst (February), Aquamarine (March), Alexandrite (June) and two Topaz’s (November). The customer was delighted with the final piece and couldn’t wait to show her family the stunning design.

At Bespoke Diamonds, customers can custom make their own family ring. We can talk through options with our customers and even source the stones ourselves! It can be as simple as coming in with the birthstones of family members already known.  A custom made ring would take approx 4 weeks to make. If you would like to learn more about what we do please contact us to make an appointment

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