Blue diamond engagement ring


Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

Anyone getting engaged, you can propose with a £13.5 million blue diamond! (if your budget permits of course!!)

Blue diamond engagement ringSome people have bigger budgets set aside than others to purchase an engagement ring. However we think that this blue stone is going a little too far! The rare coloured stone is being sold by auction house Christies. It weighs a massive 13.22 carats. If the blue bit of bling doesn’t suit you then the auction house are selling 250 lots in total. These expected to fetch over £47 million.

The blue diamond is flawless, hence its massive cost. It is said to be the largest flawless vivid blue diamond in the world. So it really is one of a kind. The auction will take place in Geneva next month. However, this blue stone is the main attraction at the auction. Six months ago the same auction house sold the largest fancy vivid orange diamond in the world. This was sold for £21 million. This  set a world record for an orange diamond. This works out as a cool £1.4 million per carat!!

The auction will also feature other coloured and colourless diamonds. Among them is one that is known as ‘The Ocean Dream’. It is the worlds largest fancy blue/green diamond. It is 5.5 carats and is expected to make £4.5 -£5.6 million.

We here at Bespoke Diamonds will stick with certified white diamonds at great value which our Irish customers seem to want.

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