Bespoke Diamonds

Loose Diamonds

At Bespoke Diamonds, we have access to over 500,000 certified loose diamonds.

Our network of international diamond dealers can source us almost any diamond within a few days and at wholesale prices.

We can source and sell you loose diamonds at significant discounts to high street jewellers and other ‘appointment only’ jewellers given our vast network of contacts and diamond brokers.

Our diamond dealers own diamond mines across the world with most of our diamonds sourced in Australia and Canada.

We can source you diamonds from 0.30 carats to over 10 carats, depending on your requirements.

Buying a loose diamond can be an option for many reasons.

  1. you have an engagement ring and you wish to upgrade the centre diamond.
  2. you wish to purchase a loose diamond to propose with and design the engagement ring setting together.
  3. diamonds are a secure investment and a liquid commodity for your portfolio.

Whatever your reason for wanting loose diamonds, we can source you the best quality loose diamond for your budget.
We would advise becoming familiar with the diamond four C’s which are explained in our Diamond Education section of the website.

The cost of any diamond will be dependent mainly on the three components:

  1. carat weight
  2. diamond colour and
  3. diamond clarity.

The diamond cost will be heavily influenced by these three factors.

Other factors would be

  1. diamond certificate;
  2. fluorescence
  3. diamond cut, polish and symmetry
  4. diamond spread
  5. quality of the inclusion and how eye clean the diamond is.

Contact us on 01-6855800 to discuss your requirements and to obtain a free no-obligation quote for your loose diamond.