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Wedding Rings For Men: Some Tips To Bear In Mind

Buying wedding rings is an exciting time, however, sometimes the focus can be lost on wedding rings for men. For whatever reason they don’t get as much attention, but that doesn’t mean that men’s wedding rings are anymore less important.

Style Advice

Firstly, you must make the choice of style. The options range between a plain style of ring or a more stand out piece. Men’s wedding rings come in various types of metals. Palladium, white gold, yellow gold and platinum are just a few of the most common metals used.

Two tone wedding ring on hand GWR3024The width of a ring is also something you should bear in mind. An average width is between 4mm and 7mm. This may not seem as important now, however, it is crucial that you get the width you want as it will impact the appearance of the ring drastically.

One of the most important style tips to take into account is the edges of a ring. Now, there are two types here – flat or rounded edges. The flat edged ring is a more modern style when compared to the rounded edged ring. The finish of the ring is also important. A matte finish, high gloss or a satin finish are all choices. Each finish has a unique style so be sure to see examples before making your decision.

Finally, a milgrain effect can also be added to your ring. Engraving names, initials or anything else is also an option.

Showing Your Metal

FGents palladium pattern wedding ring Dublinor a more soft look consider platinum, white gold or palladium wedding rings, as opposed to yellow gold and rose gold which are more eye catching. Palladium is a very popular metal choice among men. This metal is great in value and strongly resistant to rust and corrosion. Less scratches will appear on palladium when compared with platinum.

Men’s wedding rings can also be two toned. The metal types can be altered to suit your preference. Examples include 9k yellow gold and 9k white gold on the same band. Also, it is entirely up to you whether or not you decide to purchase a wedding ring that matches your partner’s.

The Perfect Fit

Measuring a finger for a ring is an easy process. The best time to measure up is in a mild temperature. In cold weather fingers become thinner,while in the hot conditions the fingers become swollen. Consider a ring that is slightly too big, this will help for those hot days in the sun.

For wedding rings with a wide band, it is good to know that the wider the band the more you will feel it on your finger. The ring can always be resized to better fit your hand, so there is no need to worry if the size is not correct from the beginning.

Here at Bespoke Diamonds we have a large range of men’s wedding rings which are ready to view today. Located in Dublin City Centre, we are just two minutes from Grafton Street. To book an appointment please contact us at info@bespokediamonds.ie.

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