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Mens wedding rings

Wedding ring shopping was once thought of as purely a women’s activity. In the modern era, men have become far more involved in selecting the jewellery that signifies their lifelong commitment to their partner. Indeed, many men have a genuine interest in actively pursuing the right wedding ring for them. As a result, the selection of male wedding rings now encompasses far more designs, styles and materials than ever before.

Bespoke Diamonds stocks an extensive range of wedding rings & wedding bands for men. Our gents’ wedding ring collection includes palladium, argentinum, titanium, white gold and yellow gold, plus a comprehensive range of pattern bands. View our full selection of men’s wedding rings to find the one that best suits your style and tastes.

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  • Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1001Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1001 €375

    Gents Wedding Ring GWR1001

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  • Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1002Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1002 €375

    Gents Wedding Ring GWR1002

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  • Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1003Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1003 €375

    Gents Wedding Ring GWR1003

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  • Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1004Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1004 €325

    Mens Wedding Ring GWR1004

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  • Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1005Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1005 €375

    Mens Wedding Ring GWR1005

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  • Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1006 €375

    Mens Wedding Ring GWR1006

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  • Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1007Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1007 €375

    Mens Wedding Ring GWR1007

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  • Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1008Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1008 €325

    Gents Ring GWR1008

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  • Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1009Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1009 €375

    Gents Wedding Ring GWR1009

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  • Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1010Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1010 €375

    Gents Wedding Ring GWR1010

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  • Gents-Wedding-Band-GWR1011 €375

    Gents Wedding Band GWR1011

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  • Gents-Wedding-Band-GWR1012Gents-Wedding-Band-GWR1012 €375

    Gents Wedding Ring GWR1012

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  • Gents-Wedding-Band-GWR1013Gents-Wedding-Band-GWR1013 €375

    Gents Wedding Band GWR1013

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  • Gents-Wedding-Band-GWR1014Gents-Wedding-Band-GWR1014 €375

    Gents Wedding Band GWR1014

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  • Gents-Wedding-Band-GWR1015Gents-Wedding-Band-GWR1015 €475

    Gents Wedding Ring GWR1015

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  • Gents-Wedding-Band-GWR1016Gents-Wedding-Band-GWR1016 €375

    Gents Wedding Ring GWR1016

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  • Gents-Wedding-Band-GWR1017Gents-Wedding-Band-GWR1017 €375

    Gents Wedding Ring GWR1017

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  • Gents-Wedding-Band-GWR1018Gents-Wedding-Band-GWR1018 €375

    Contemporary Style Mens Wedding Ring GWR1018

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  • Gents-Wedding-Band-GWR1019Gents-Wedding-Band-GWR1019 €375

    Gents Wedding Ring GWR1019

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  • Gents-Wedding-Band-GWR1020 €375

    Gents Wedding Ring GWR1020

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  • Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1021Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1021 €375

    Gents Wedding Ring GWR1021

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  • Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1022Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1022 €325

    Gents Wedding Ring GWR1022

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  • Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1023Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1023 €375

    Mixed Metal Gents Wedding Ring GWR1023

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  • Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1024Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1024 €375

    Gents Wedding Ring Dublin GWR1024

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  • Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1025Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1025 €375

    Gents Wedding Ring GWR1025

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  • Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1026 €325

    Gents Wedding Ring GWR1026

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  • Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1027Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1027 €375

    Satin Finish Gents Ring GWR1027

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  • Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1028Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1028 €375

    Mixed Metal Gents Band GWR1028

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  • Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1029Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1029 €325

    Yellow Gold Gents Band GWR1029

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  • Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1030Gents-Wedding-Ring-GWR1030 €325

    Gent Wedding Ring GWR1030

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  • Gents-Wedding-Band-GRW1031Gents-Wedding-Band-GRW1031 €375

    Gents Wedding Band GWR1031

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  • Gents-Wedding-Band-GRW1032Gents-Wedding-Band-GRW1032 €375

    Polished Gents Wedding Band GWR1032

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High quality men’s wedding rings from Bespoke Diamonds

Our connections with eight of the world’s leading diamond dealers have enabled us to source the best diamonds to be found for men’s wedding rings. The diamonds we have in stock are all certified by organisations such as the GIA, IGI and HRD Antwerp, so you can be assured that you are purchasing diamonds of impeccable quality. All our wedding rings for men are accompanied by detailed descriptions outlining everything worth knowing about these glistening pieces of jewellery.

If you’re struggling to find a gent’s wedding ring that’s perfect for you, let us know and we can either source one as per your specifications or create a bespoke ring to suit you perfectly. We pride ourselves in delivering a first-class, customer-centred service and we are more than happy to field any queries you may have about selecting men’s wedding rings.

Heart shape

30% to 50% below retail

Due to our low overheads and our network of diamond brokers, we can offer significant savings with no compromise on quality or service.

Over 500 rings in stock

Large range of engagement rings, coloured stones rings and wedding/eternity rings, along with a large range of loose certified diamonds.

Free independent valuation

All our engagement rings come with a free independent valuation worth €100 from Irelands leading gemmologist.

All diamonds fully certified

All our diamond are certified by the most reputable bodies GIA; HRD or IGI. All conflict free and hand selected by our diamond expert.

Quality in everything we do

Our focus is on building lasting relationships with our customers. 30 day refund or return policy to allow you buy with total confidence.