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Diamond Set Ladies

If you’re planning to buy a wedding ring for the special lady in your life, the first thing you’ll need to keep in mind is the lifestyle that she leads. Your choice of women’s wedding rings will be influenced substantially by her leisure time preferences, whether she’s frequently active (e.g. if she plays sports or enjoys rock climbing) or would much rather spend her time on more relaxing hobbies. This will determine whether you should choose a ring with emphasis on sturdiness and durability, or something more refined and dazzling.
At Bespoke Diamonds, we stock ladies’ wedding rings for women of all interests, and with many years of experience as Dublin-based jewellers, we can offer sound advice on which ring type is best suited to the special woman in your life.

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1001Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1001 €1,950

    0.80 Carat Diamond Wedding Ring WR1001

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1002Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1002 €795

    Ladies Wedding Rings WR1002

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  • WR1003-0.75ct-wedding-ringWR1003-0.75ct-wedding-ring €1,825

    Ladies Wedding Rings WR1003

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1004Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1004 €1,650

    Half Carat Ladies Wedding Ring WR1004

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1005Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1005 €1,100

    Channel Set Diamond Ring WR1005

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1006Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1006 €895

    Curved Diamond Set Wedding Ring WR1006

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1007Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1007 €795

    Diamond Set Wedding Ring WR1007

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1009Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1009 €1,295

    0.50ct Ladies Wedding Ring WR1009

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1010Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1010 €1,450

    Diamond Wedding or Eternity Ring WR1010

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1011Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1011 €995

    Channel Set Wedding Ring WR1011

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1012Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1012 €950

    Diamond Set Wedding Ring WR1012

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1013bespoke diamonds packaging €1,200

    Ladies Wedding Or Eternity Ring WR1013

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1014Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1014 €1,750

    Diamond Wedding Ring Or Eternity Ring WR1014

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1015Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1015 €1,150

    Shaped diamond wedding ring WR1015

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1016Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1016 €995

    Diamond wedding ring Dublin WR1016

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1017Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1017 €1,025

    0.35 carat diamond wedding ring WR1017

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1018Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1018 €1,250

    0.40 carat diamond wedding ring WR1018

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1019Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1019 €950

    0.15 carat diamond wedding ring WR1019

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1020Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1020 €950

    0.20 carat shaped wedding ring WR1020

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1021bespoke diamonds packaging €950

    0.20 carat pave set diamond band WR1021

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1022Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1022 €1,250

    0.50 carat diamond wedding ring WR1022

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  • WR1023-IMG_1050 seven diamond wedding ring ladiesWR1023-IMG_1050 seven diamond wedding ring ladies €2,450

    1.00 carat wedding or eternity ring WR1023

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1024Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1024 €1,650

    0.52 Carat Wedding Ring WR1024

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  • WR1025-scallop-set-ladies-diamond-wedding-ring-image-1WR1025-scallop-set-ladies-diamond-wedding-ring-image-1 €1,550

    0.60 Carat Scallop Set Ladies Diamond Wedding Ring WR1025

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1026Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1026 €795

    0.15 Carat Ladies Wedding Ring WR1026

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1027Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1027 €995

    0.25ct Ladies Wedding Ring WR1027

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1028Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1028 €950

    0.15ct ladies Wedding Ring WR1028

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1029Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1029 €1,350

    Pave Set Ladies Wedding Ring WR1029

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1030Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1030 €2,450

    Ladies Wedding Ring WR1030

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1031Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1031 €995

    Channel Set Wedding Ring WR1031

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1033Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1033 €1,250

    Unusual Ladies Wedding Ring WR1033

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1034Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1034 €1,050

    0.25ct Ladies Wedding Ring WR1034

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We have a comprehensive range of women’s wedding rings

With our comprehensive range of wedding rings for women, we’re fully confident that you’ll find the perfect ring for your lady within the selection we have to offer. We have everything from shiny, durable platinum and palladium rings to classy, traditional golden wedding rings. Indeed, in the unlikely circumstance of you being unable to pinpoint the perfect ladies’ wedding ring from our stock, we can create one especially thanks to our award-winning designers. We are happy to help with any queries you may have about wedding rings for women, so why not call into our store in Dublin and speak to one of our team?

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Due to our low overheads and our network of diamond brokers, we can offer significant savings with no compromise on quality or service.

Over 500 rings in stock

Large range of engagement rings, coloured stones rings and wedding/eternity rings, along with a large range of loose certified diamonds.

Free independent valuation

All our engagement rings come with a free independent valuation worth €100 from Irelands leading gemmologist.

All diamonds fully certified

All our diamond are certified by the most reputable bodies GIA; HRD or IGI. All conflict free and hand selected by our diamond expert.

Quality in everything we do

Our focus is on building lasting relationships with our customers. 30 day refund or return policy to allow you buy with total confidence.