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Eternity rings derive their name from how long they will hopefully last, symbolising the endless love between a couple as they commit their lives to each other. They are most often made from gold, white gold or platinum, with diamonds encircling the entirety of the band on full eternity rings or partially on half eternity rings.
Eternity rings are primarily used as wedding bands, although they have become more frequent as anniversary gifts in recent times, especially for first anniversaries. In Ireland, many couples believe that they are an appropriate purchase after the birth of the couple’s first child. They are usually worn on the third finger of the left hand, also known as the ring finger, along with your wedding ring. However, the finger on which you place your diamond eternity ring is entirely at your discretion.

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Bespoke Diamonds are leading stockists of diamond wedding and eternity rings in Dublin and indeed Ireland, and that reputation has come from our dedication to stocking a vast range of beautiful eternity rings, allied with our exceptional knowledge of such rings. We know that you might not find it too easy to decide upon the perfect eternity ring, so we are delighted to help you with any questions you may have and to advise on which ring would be most suitable based on your tastes and specifications. Arrange a consultation with us today and you’ll soon own a gorgeous, commitment-defining diamond eternity ring.

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