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  • TR1078-round-cut-three-stone-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1TR1078-round-cut-three-stone-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1 €4,995

    1.05 Carat Round Cut Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring TR1078

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  • TR1079-round-cut-trilogy-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1TR1079-round-cut-trilogy-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1 €1,975

    0.55 Carat Round Cut Trilogy Diamond Engagement Ring TR1079

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  • TR1080-oval-cut-three-stone-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1TR1080-oval-cut-three-stone-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1 €4,550

    0.90 Carat Oval Cut Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring TR1080

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  • er784-custom-made-side-stone-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1er784-custom-made-side-stone-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1

    Custom Made Side Stone Diamond Engagement Ring ER784

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  • ER768-custom-made-solitaire-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1ER768-custom-made-solitaire-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1

    Custom Made Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring ER768

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  • er764-custom-made-halo-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1er764-custom-made-halo-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1

    Custom Made Halo Diamond Engagement Ring ER764

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  • ER795-6.5mm-moissanite-three-stone-engagement-ring-image-1ER795-6.5mm-moissanite-three-stone-engagement-ring-image-1

    Custom Made Moissanite & Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring ER795 V2

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  • er756-custom-made-side-stone-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1er756-custom-made-side-stone-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1

    Custom Made Side Stone Diamond Engagement Ring ER756

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  • ER753-custom-made-halo-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1ER753-custom-made-halo-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1

    Custom Made Halo Diamond Engagement Ring ER753

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  • ER736-custom-made-side-stone-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1ER736-custom-made-side-stone-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1

    Custom Made Side Stone Diamond Engagement Ring ER736

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  • er725-custom-made-side-stone-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1er725-custom-made-side-stone-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1

    Custom Made Side Stone Diamond Engagement Ring ER725

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  • ER653-custom-made-sapphire-and-diamond-halo-engagement-ring-image-1ER653-custom-made-sapphire-and-diamond-halo-engagement-ring-image-1

    Custom Made Sapphire & Diamond Halo Engagement Ring ER653

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  • er584-v2-custom-made-halo-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1er584-v2-custom-made-halo-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1

    Custom Made Halo Diamond Engagement Ring ER584 V2

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  • custom-made-solitaire-diamond-engagement-ring-er517-image-1custom-made-solitaire-diamond-engagement-ring-er517-image-1

    Custom Made Round Cut Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring ER517 V2

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  • ER793-custom-made-side-stone-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1ER793-custom-made-side-stone-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1

    Custom Made Side Stone Diamond Engagement Ring ER793

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  • Custom Made Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring ER795

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  • er800-custom-made-oval-cut-solitaire-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1er800-custom-made-oval-cut-solitaire-diamond-engagement-ring-image-1

    Custom Made Oval Cut Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring ER800

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  • ER175-V6-sapphire-and-diamond-side-stone-engagement-ring-image-1ER175-V6-sapphire-and-diamond-side-stone-engagement-ring-image-1

    Custom Made Sapphire & Diamond Side Stone Engagement Ring ER175 V6

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1001Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1001 €1,950

    0.80 Carat Diamond Wedding Ring WR1001

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1002Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1002 €795

    Ladies Wedding Rings WR1002

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  • WR1003-0.75ct-wedding-ringWR1003-0.75ct-wedding-ring €1,825

    Ladies Wedding Rings WR1003

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1004Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1004 €1,650

    Half Carat Ladies Wedding Ring WR1004

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1005Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1005 €1,100

    Channel Set Diamond Ring WR1005

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1006Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1006 €895

    Curved Diamond Set Wedding Ring WR1006

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1007Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1007 €795

    Diamond Set Wedding Ring WR1007

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1008Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1008 €750

    Shaped Wedding Ring WR1008

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1009Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1009 €1,295

    0.50ct Ladies Wedding Ring WR1009

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1010Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1010 €1,450

    Diamond Wedding or Eternity Ring WR1010

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1011Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1011 €995

    Channel Set Wedding Ring WR1011

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1012Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1012 €950

    Diamond Set Wedding Ring WR1012

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1013bespoke diamonds packaging €1,200

    Ladies Wedding Or Eternity Ring WR1013

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  • Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1014Ladies-Wedding-Ring-WR1014 €1,750

    Diamond Wedding Ring Or Eternity Ring WR1014

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Due to our low overheads and our network of diamond brokers, we can offer significant savings with no compromise on quality or service.

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Large range of engagement rings, coloured stones rings and wedding/eternity rings, along with a large range of loose certified diamonds.

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All our engagement rings come with a free independent valuation worth €100 from Irelands leading gemmologist.

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All our diamond are certified by the most reputable bodies GIA; HRD or IGI. All conflict free and hand selected by our diamond expert.

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Our focus is on building lasting relationships with our customers. 30 day refund or return policy to allow you buy with total confidence.