Tips on buying a wedding ring


Tips On Buying a Wedding Ring

WR1035-0.15ct-wedding-ringThe engagement ring is fretted over for months. However, the wedding band tends to receive less attention than it deserves. It will be a piece of jewellery that you will be wearing for the rest of your life. As a result, it pays to spend a bit of time and effort into choosing the perfect wedding band. A wedding ring that suits your engagement ring and your budget. This article will look at tips on buying a wedding ring.

There is a huge range of wedding bands available so it is worth narrowing down your search. You can do this by deciding on what metal you want. Rose gold has seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years. So too has mixing and matching metals. Many newlyweds have taken to stacking different bands on the ring finger. This makes for a look that’s bigger and a more statement prone.  The classic engagement ring and band formula which many women wear is still the most popular.

Don’t worry if your wedding band doesn’t perfectly match your engagement ring. The are two separate rings for two separate events in your life. And sometimes it is good to be able to see the distinction between the bands. The goal is to have rings that complement each other without feeling overly matched up.

Tips on buying a wedding ring

Some important tips to keep in mind when choosing your wedding band are.

  • Choose a wedding band that is a similar thickness to your engagement ring. You want the wedding band to be noticed without it dominating.
  • If your engagement ring has a very large centre stone this may cause a visible gap. This gap is between it and your wedding band. In this case it is worth considering a matching band or one that compliments its shape.
  • If your engagement ring features a diamond band opt for simple. Opting for a simple gem free wedding band will allow your engagement ring to take centre stage.
  • What if your engagement ring features a coloured centre stone? Perhaps consider a wedding band that incorporates that gemstone. A band that alternates between coloured and white gemstones can compliment your engagement ring.
  • And if your engagement ring consists of a simple pave band? A nice choice is a thin band in the same metal and style but incorporating coloured gemstones.
  • With a modern style engagement ring, a heavily adorned band can look out of place. Beside the sleek lines of the modern design. It is best to avoid flowery designs and opt for a sleek band with minimal decoration.
  • Vintage or estate rings often feature filigree, milgrain, engraving and other intricate decorations. Selecting a band that highlights a favourite element of the design can give the pairing a cohesive feel. A thin band with a slight curve in it can also create a cohesive vintage set.

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