Three Simple Steps To Proposing To The One You Love

In a world filled with repetition it can be difficult for a guy to come up with a unique, original and romantic way of asking the woman he loves to marry him. We now live in a society in which social media has become a part of who we are. The need to see the latest bit of celebrity gossip, sport news or communicating with friends through socials apps is only a click away. Everything and anything uniquely original has unfortunately been uploaded onto You tube. So if you think you have a beautifully romantic idea which has never been done before, well you probably don’t. But here are a few tips to help guide you along the way.

Step One: Be sure in yourself

Before thinking of a ring, the setting and how you are going to muster up the courage to ask the all important question. First ask yourself ‘’Will she say yes?’’ as it is important to not make a spur of the moment decision. Although she has probably thought of the moment you pop the question a dozen times this is most likely only a fresh thought in your mind. And although being impulsive can be exciting and exhilarating it is recommended to look at your courtship and how you feel. If your love for her is unequivocal then you can push on with step two.

Step Two: Choosing the ring

Buying an engagement ring can be an exasperating experience for a guy. It is understandable that some guys don’t purchase a ring before but rather wait till after they propose to allow their then fiancé to choose their perfect engagement ring. But rather than over think it why not go back to basics? Take an interest in your partner. Look at her jewellery and ask yourself ‘’Does she like a bit of bling?’’ or ‘’Does she have a more elegant taste?’’ If she likes to be noticed then a diamond halo engagement ring may be the route to go down. It not only sparkles but also has a lot going on and tends to enhance the size of the centre diamond. But if she is more simplistic and drawn back with her look then maybe a solitaire ring would be a wise choice. Its subtle elegance is timeless and always a wise choice when going it alone. If she is eccentric and has a quirky style playing it safe and picking a ring after popping the question may be a better alternative.

Step Three: The Setting

If you have managed to get this far you are doing well and on course for that final leap of faith. Although steps one and two are important it is essential that you pay attention and get the final step right. Choosing the right setting can be difficult. In general most guys will go with a stereotypical cliche and have the waiter pop the ring into a glass of champagne which is fine as its tried and tested. Others will pick a generic spot like a bridge or garden which once again is tried and tested and always a safe bet. But remember memories created are memories made and you only get one opportunity when proposing to your future fiancé. So whether it be the restaurant you went to on your first date, the garden were you had your first kiss or that special place you went on your first trip away together remember to add a little thought and personal touch. Although they seem insignificant it is that moment of intimacy you have with one another that she will cherish for the rest of her days.

There you have it, three simple steps to help guide you in the right direction. If you are still apprehensive or nervous after reading this take it from a married man stick to this three step programme and you’ll be OK!

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