The Do’s and Don’t’s

The Do’s and Don’t’s of what to do once you’ve bought your engagement ring

Do: Have It Insured
This should be the first on your list. Nothing can replace the sentimental value of your engagement ring, however if you have it properly appraised and insured for its full replacement value, you’ll at least be covered if it’s ever lost, stolen or damaged.

Don’t: Neglect It
Engagement rings are delicate, and need to be taken care of. We recommend cleaning it regularly and of course every 18 months get it polished to bring it back to its shiny self. You can use hot water and a baby tooth brush to give your diamond a shine at anytime.

Do: Take It Off Sometimes
Working out at the gym, washing dishes, laundry and other household tasks will put stress on your ring, from stretching the band to loosening the delicate settings.

Do: Store It Properly
Find a safe place to store your ring when you’re not wearing it. We’ve also been advised that it may be best not to store your jewellery in your bedroom as this is the first place thieves will go to.

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