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Oval cut diamond engagement rings

Oval diamond rings have remarkable brilliance and are similar in many ways to round diamonds. Oval cut rings are quite popular as their length nicely complements longer fingers. It is a shape that has come back into fashion in recent times and its regal, rounded composition is perfectly suited to longer fingers, giving you an eye-catching diamond ring at a very affordable price.
The oval cut diamond shape works well with almost any setting, metal and style, a wonderful versatility that few, if any, alternatives can boast. Also, their smaller carat size subtly conveys the mirage that the ring is quite large, yet its actual size means that you can get this captivating ring style without having to pay top dollar.


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  • three-stone-oval-diamond-ring-tr1003-1three-stone-oval-diamond-ring-tr1003-3 €3,190

    Oval Cut Trilogy Diamond Engagement Ring TR1003

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  • Oval-And-Pear-Trilogy-Ring-TR1047-1Oval-And-Pear-Trilogy-Ring-TR1047-3 €4,950

    Oval & Pear Cut Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring TR1047

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  • Oval-Triloy-Diamond-Ring-TR1056-1Oval-Triloy-Diamond-Ring-TR1056-3 €16,125

    2.20ct Oval Trilogy Diamond Engagement Ring TR1056

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  • Oval-Solitaire-Diamond-Ring-SR1016-1Oval-Solitaire-Diamond-Ring-SR1016-3 €7,995

    1.0 Carat Oval Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring SR1016

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  • Oval-Solitaire-Diamond-Ring-SR1067-1Oval-Solitaire-Diamond-Ring-SR1067-3 €3,995

    0.70ct Four Claw Oval Cut Engagement Ring SR1067

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  • PR1019-Oval-side-stone-ring-view-1PR1019-Oval-side-stone-ring-view-4 €4,560

    Oval Shape Diamond Ring PR1019

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  • Oval-Cut-Channel-Ring-PR1043-1oval-cut-channel-ring-pr1043-3 €5,850

    Oval Cut Side Stone Ring PR1043

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  • Oval-diamond-engagement-ring-PR1045-1Oval-diamond-engagement-ring-PR1045-2 €2,450

    Milgrain Side Stone Diamond Ring PR1045

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  • Oval-Side-Stone-Diamond-Ring-PR1051-2Oval-Side-Stone-Diamond-Ring-PR1051-3 €5,450

    0.95ct Side Stone Diamond Ring PR1051

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  • PR1053-oval-cut-diamond-engagement-ring-bespoke-diamonds-dublin-IMG_1075pr1053-oval-cut-diamond-engagement-ring-img_1077 €4,995

    0.90ct Oval Cut Diamond Ring PR1053

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  • Oval-Diamond-Engagement-Ring-PR1054-1Oval-Diamond-Engagement-Ring-PR1054-3 €4,500

    Oval Side Stone Diamond Ring PR1054

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  • Milgrain-oval-diamond-ring-pr1057-1Milgrain-oval-diamond-engagement-ring-pr1057 €2,500

    Oval Side Stone Diamond Ring PR1057

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  • Oval-Halo-Diamond-Engagement-RIng-Bespoke-Diamonds-Dublin-VR1009-2Oval-Halo-Diamond-Engagement-RIng-VR1009-4 €3,700

    0.80ct Oval Halo Diamond Ring VR1009

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  • oval halo engagement ring VR1016Oval-Halo-Engagement-Ring-VR1016-3 €5,100

    0.95ct Oval Cut Diamond Halo Ring VR1016

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  • -Oval-Halo-Diamond-Engagement-Ring-VR1018-1-Oval-Halo-Diamond-Engagement-Ring-VR1018-3 €4,950

    1.05ct Vintage Halo Diamond Ring VR1018

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  • Oval-Halo-Engagement-Ring-VR1032-1Oval-Halo-Engagement-Ring-VR1032-3 €8,600

    Vintage Style Oval Halo Ring VR1032

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  • VR1045-oval-cut-diamond-pave-set-halo-engagement-ringoval-halo-engagement-ring-vr1045-3 €2,850

    Oval Halo Ring VR1045

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  • split band oval halo engagement ring VR1049 from Bespoke Diamonds Dublin0.90ct-Split-Band-Halo-Ring-VR1049-3 €5,850

    Split Band Halo Oval Ring VR1049

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  • Oval-Engagement-Ring-VR1056-2Oval-Engagement-Ring-VR1056-3 €2,950

    0.66ct Oval Halo Diamond Ring VR1056

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  • Yellow-Diamond-Oval-Halo-Ring-VR1070-1Yellow-Diamond-Oval-Halo-Ring-VR1070-3 €2,500

    Claw Set Oval Halo Ring VR1070

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  • Oval-Halo-Gemstone-RIng-cr1014-1Oval-Halo-Gemstone-RIng-cr1014-4 €3,100

    Sapphire and Diamond Ring CR1014

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  • Sapphire-diamond-ring-cr1009-1Sapphire-diamond-ring-cr1009-3 €3,250

    Unusual Sapphire And Diamond Ring CR1009

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  • Oval Sapphire Trilogy Ring CR1023 Front ViewOval Sapphire Trilogy Ring CR1023 Look Through €3,350

    1.55 Carat Oval Sapphire Engagement Ring CR1023

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  • Oval-Halo-Engagement-Ring-Bespoke-Diamonds-Dublin-VR1071-1oval-halo-engagement-ring-vr1071-3 €3,525

    Oval Halo Diamond Ring VR1071

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  • Oval-Sapphire-Engagement-Ring-cr1004-1Oval-Sapphire-Engagement-Ring-cr1004-3 €2,650

    Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring CR1004

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  • 1ct-Sapphire-and-diamond-halo-ring-CR1016-11ct-Sapphire-and-diamond-halo-ring-CR1016-3 €2,750

    Beautiful Halo Sapphire Engagement Ring CR1016

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  • Large Halo with plain bandLarge Halo with plain band €5,650

    Oval Cut Diamond in a Halo Setting VR1068

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  • Oval-Halo-Engagement-Ring-VR1073-1Oval-Halo-Engagement-Ring-VR1073-3 €3,250

    Oval Halo Diamond Engagement Ring VR1073

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  • Oval-Sapphire-Ring-CR1017-1Oval-Sapphire-Ring-CR1017-3 €2,450

    Oval Sapphire Ring CR1017

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  • Floral-Oval-Engagement-Ring-VR1074-1Floral-Oval-Engagement-Ring-VR1074-3 €3,150

    Oval Floral Halo Engagement Ring VR1074

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  • Oval-Gemstone-engagement-ring-cr1010-1Oval-Gemstone-engagement-ring-cr1010-3 €2,675

    Sapphire and Diamond Ring CR1010

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We have a superb range of certified oval cut diamond rings to view in our store in Dublin. If you fancy owning a sensibly-priced yet visually enchanting ring, our experienced award-winning designer can create any engagement ring with an oval-shape centre diamond as per your wishes.

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