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Radiant, Cushion and Princess Cut Diamonds: Need to Know

When you’re in the depths of engagement ring shopping, it’s easy for things to all “start looking the same”e. This is specially the case when you’re looking at the radiant, cushion and princess cut diamonds. Although they are not as easily differentiated as say, a marquise cut diamond, these shapes vary drastically in properties.

Radiant Cutradiant cut side stone diamond engagement ring

Simply put, the radiant cut is a combination of the round, princess and emerald cut diamonds. It has a rectangular outline with cut corners. It has many facets (approx 70) and therefore it has a high brilliance. A radiant cut diamond is considered to be more of a modern look. As it is considered a brilliant cut, like the round cut diamond, it emits a high level of fire and sparkle. Even better, it has more facets than a round so any inclusions would be much less visible.

Cushion Cut

When compared with the radiant cut, the diamond is much softer and less angular.  The cushion cut has less facets and is therefore often considered to have less brilliance. However, both the cushion and the radiant are classified under brilliant cuts of diamonds so the difference is not huge. A cushion cut is more of a vintage look and its large facets only highlight its clarity and allow it to sparkle.

Princess Cut

0.80ct Princess Cut Engagement Ring Ireland SR1072This is the most popular fancy cut of diamonds. Unlike the previous two which have been more rectangular in shape, the princess cut is usually a square with sides of equal length. Like the radiant cut, this is very close in fire and brilliance to the round cut diamond. However, this has the added bonus of being an unusual shape! Also, square brilliant cut princess cuts are likely to be cheaper than round brilliant cuts. The princess cut also tends to have less imperfections within the diamond.

So, as you can see all these diamonds are unique in their properties and beauty & it just comes down to personal preference as to which one you choose.

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