Personalise your Engagement Ring

How to personalise an engagement ring

There are lots of different ways to personalise an engagement ring. From engraving the band to using different colours that represent memories significant to you and your partner.

1) Coloured gemstones:

There are many ways to use coloured gemstones in an engagement ring.  By using them as the centre stone or as accent stones around the diamond. However, there are so many types of gemstones that it can be hard to pick the right one for your partner. Well there are a couple of ways to pick out a particular gemstone for the ring. One option is to pick her birthstone or your own or even both.  Another would be to pick a colour that best represents a special moment you shared. Perhaps where you first met? For example if you met on the beach or by the ocean the perfect gemstone would be Aquamarine to represent the beautiful sea, or even the best holiday you ever went on.


2) Engraving:

It is very common to get engagement and wedding rings engraved with the date of the proposal or wedding and the initials of the couple. It’s also nice to get a message engraved on the inside, something personal and meaningful to you both. Maybe it’s a quote from your favourite movie, or even a touching lyric from a song.  Maybe you have written something personal for the engraving. Remember if you decide on an engraving keep it short and sweet as there is only so much space on an engagement ring.

engraved personalised engagement rings

3) Spell it with gemstones:

Something entirely different is to spell a message or your initials/name on the engagement ring with gemstones. Maybe even keep it short by using nicknames. Below I have shown some examples but these are just a few ideas as there are so many gemstones to choose from.

(Edward & Rose)
E– Emerald                                                 R– Rose Beryl (Morganite)
D– Diamond                                              O– Olivine
W– White Topaz                                  S– Sapphire
A– Amethyst                                             E– Emerald
R– Rose Beryl (Morganite)
D– Diamond

L– London Blue Topaz
O– Opal
V– Verdelite
E– Emerald

4) Fingerprints:

Very common these days and still a lovely idea. More times than not people put the fingerprint on the inside of the ring band but it can give a lovely texture to the outside of the band.

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