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Moissanite Vs Diamond

Although in most cases, a diamond is used as a ring’s center stone, there is a new mineral that has recently become a popular and more affordable option. Moissanite is a rare mineral that originates from meteor fragments but it is so rare in its natural form that now it is made synthetically in a lab. It bears a remarkable similarity to diamond in terms of physical properties and appearance, so much so, that some choose it over diamonds to get the ring they want, at the price they can afford.

There are some differences between diamonds and moissanite. On the Scale of Hardness used to determine the strength of gemstones, moissanite is rated as a 9.25, which is higher than any other gemstones used for jewellery, except for diamonds. On the same scale, diamonds score a 10 as they are the hardest known substance.

They are also differences in the stones’ brilliance. A moissanite stone gives off a more spectral shine; it disperses light exceptionally well and has a higher brilliance than a diamond. A diamond reflects light in three different ways, giving it its unique sparkle.

There is a vast difference in price between a diamond and a moissanite stone. A diamond’s price is dependent on its cut, clarity, and other features whereas a moissanite stone’s price changes with alterations in size and type of moissanite stone.  So, as a result, a moissanite stone is a fraction of the cost of a diamond.

Moissanite also weighs less than a diamond and often has a higher clarity than a diamond. A moissanite stone is made in a lab in controlled conditions, so efforts are made to minimise inclusions and flaws.

However, there are some negatives to choosing a moissanite stone over a diamond. A diamond is a colourless stone in its natural state, whereas a moissanite stone can have a grey or yellow hue. Also, although moissanites have a strong brilliance, in certain light, they can emit a rainbow-like refraction that some people dislike.

In conclusion, a moissanite stone is an excellent alternative to diamonds. If, due to budgetary constraints, a diamond is unsuitable, a moissanite stone will prove a viable option. All the rings available from Bespoke Diamonds are available with a moissanite stone.

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