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Moissanite Engagement Rings at Bespoke Diamonds Dublin

Here at Bespoke Diamonds, as the name suggests, we really love our diamonds, which is why we had to get our hands on the latest diamond-related creation ~ the moissanite stone. These stones are essentially man-made diamonds and they are truly a marvel.

Origin of Moissanitediamond-and-moissanite-on-hand-image-1

Although the moissanites being used in jewellery today are synthetically made in a lab, the moissanite was originally a naturally-occurring element. Moissanite is made up of meteor fragments but this is so rare that scientists devised away to generate the same result had the stone been found naturally. This has led to the creation and use of the moissanite stone at a commercial level in jewellery.

Diamonds vs Moissanites

What everyone is really interested is how a moissanite stone compares to the reliable diamond. The visual difference between the two is negligible but there are some differences in terms of properties.

Diamonds are graded in terms of the 4 Cs- cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. These measures do not translate across for moissanites as due to the fact that these stones are made in a a lab in a controlled environment, inclusions are more uncommon.  The differential across moissanites usually emerges due to changes in size. On the Mohs Scale of Hardness, used to determine the hardness of all gemstones, a diamond ranks a maximum of 10 and the moissanite is at a very respectable 9.25- it is therefore more durable than most gemstones such as a ruby or sapphire.  Moissanites actually have a higher brilliance than diamonds, making moissanite the most brilliant gemstone in the world.

One thing to be careful about when it comes to moissanites is to play close attention to the colour of the stone. Sometimes moissanites can have a yellow/grey hue but usually they are colourless. Diamonds and moissanites also reflect light differently so it is a matter of deciding which one you prefer. A major plus when it comes to moissanites is that they are a fraction of the cost of diamonds as the only factors that alter the price are size and shape.

Buying Moissanite Stones- Dublin

Although it’s very rare for somebody to notice the difference between a diamond and a moissanite stone simply by looking at it, it’s important to keep in mind that moissanites aren’t diamonds. For some, diamonds carry more meaning and see it as of great importance for their engagement ring to have a diamond whereas others just want a ring that suits them. Moissanites are a great alternative for those looking at a lower price

All of our diamond settings can be changed to a moissanite stone, it’s your job to decide on which one is your favourite!

Make an appointment with us or send us an email if you’d like to know more about the beautiful moissanite stone.


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