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Man Made Diamond Engagement Rings

Man Made Diamonds Vs Natural Diamondslab grown diamonds and man made diamonds

Navigating the world of diamonds can seem daunting enough without the introduction of these ‘man-made diamonds’ to the mix. However, we designed this blog to make it all a little clearer, and help you make the most informed decision about the stone that will be on your ring. (Man made diamonds and lab diamonds, are available as an option for all our engagement rings)

Man-Made Diamonds Name

The first thing that needs to be clarified is what do we call these man-made diamonds. There seems to be a lot of names in use such as synthetic diamonds or lab-grown diamonds. But what is important to know is that these are all referring to the same type of stone. It is also important to note that lab grown diamonds can be classed as real diamonds.  This is due to the fact that the only difference between these and natural diamonds is their origin.

Lab Grown Diamonds Vs Natural Diamond

Another concern that is often raised is how these lab grown diamonds will fare when compared with natural diamonds.  We can compare the appearance and internal physical properties of both diamonds. In terms of how they are made, they replicate the conditions that natural diamonds are formed. I.e heated to extreme temperatures under great pressure etc. They also consist of the carbon crystalline structures that you would find in natural diamonds. As a result they have almost identical optical and chemical properties to natural diamonds. There are also graded and classed in terms of the 4 Cs just like natural diamonds.

Benefits of Lab Grown Diamonds

For those who are highly environmentally conscious, man made diamonds are regarded as being more environmentally friendly than the mining of natural diamonds. Furthermore, the price of lab grown diamond is less than the price of natural diamonds. Due to the almost identical chemical structure, it is next to impossible to tell synthetic from natural apart with the naked eye. Like natural diamonds, the internal structure, hardness/durability and how the stones reflect light are all identical. The only true difference is where they have come from.

man made diamonds and lab diamonds - LooseMoissanite Vs Man-Made Diamonds

Moissanites have also grown in popularity in recent years but it is important to note that these are not the same as lab grown/man-made diamonds. Moissanites would be classed as diamond simulants like cubic zirconia (CZ). These diamond simulants do not consist of the same carbon crystals that man made and natural diamonds do. The main difference between these two is their method of refraction of light. However, these stones are also incredibly similar to natural diamonds. Another difference between natural diamonds and moissanites is their hardness. A common way to compare the durability of gemstones is by using the Scale of Hardness. The hardest substance is a diamond. On the hardness scale, it scores a 10. A moissanite scores a 9.25.

Man Made Diamond Engagement Rings

When choosing your diamond, there are many options available. These stones may not be the most popular option at the moment. There is no doubt that in a few years, they will become a top choice for many. This is due to their lower price tag, desirable properties and environmentally friendliness,

Book an appointment with us at Bespoke Diamonds on Kildare Street to find out more about lab grown diamonds. They are available as an option with all our engagement rings.

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