Items For Cleaning Diamond Engagement Ring


How to Look After Your Engagement Ring

Yellow diamond double halo diamond engagement ring VR1077 - V1If you’re recently engaged you have more than lightly been wearing your engagement ring with pride and delight 24/7. Aside from taking it off when you go to bed it’s now your hand’s permanent sparkling best friend. Well, anything that’s worn this much needs a little extra care and attention to keep it in tip top shape. Below is our go to tips and recommendations to keep your diamond ring in amazing condition.

Cleaning it

Items For Cleaning Diamond Engagement Ring• Soak your ring in a container of warm to nearly hot water and mild dish washing liquid.
• Using a soft bristle tooth brush gently clean around the diamonds and underneath the setting.
• Once clean, rinse your ring under warm running water, don’t forget to make sure the stopper is in the sinks plug hole or better yet hold your ring over a container while doing so. See Video of this here

When to take your ring off:

• While using any harsh cleaning products or chemicals as these can dull and cause damage to the finish of your diamond ring.
• If working out. Sweat and gym equipment can cause quite a bit of damage to your ring shape and finish.
• Swimming. The chlorine in the water and temperature of the water can both cause affect the finish and fit of your ring, you don’t want it slipping off while swimming only to have to dive for hours looking to no avail.
• Sleeping. This is a more of a personal choice as some people always sleep with their ring but we would always recommend taking it off as the claws on your diamonds setting can get caught and pulled on sheets.
• Moisturising and primping. Hand lotion, make up products, perfumes and natural oils. It is best practice to put your ring on after you have applied all your beauty and scented products. Over time these products can build up underneath the setting of your ring and dull the appearance of your diamonds. The good news is this can be easily cleaned using the methods mentioned here or at your jewellers using a professional ultrasonic cleaning machine. See list here.

When to keep your ring on:

• We DO recommend keeping your ring on when washing your hands in public. It’s just not worth the risk of leaving it behind. It’s something you will get used to, trust us and it will feel like second nature in no time.


• The last thing anyone wants is to lose their engagement ring but like all things in life anything can happen. That’s why it is so important to have insurance in place for your diamond ring. We recommend talking with your insurance company to discuss adding your ring to your house contents insurance. Alternatively you can also insure it separately with an independent jewellery insurance company.
• Diamond and metal prices change constantly, though it can be marginal in the short term. In the long term the price difference can be substantial. By insuring you have a reputable certified diamond and having your ring appraised/ valued approx. every 5 years you will be safe in the knowledge that should anything ever happen to your ring you will be compensated for the accurate value so as to replace like for like seamlessly.

Professional Maintenance:

• A lot can happen in a year, and even giving all the care and attention mentioned above it is still a smart idea to get your ring professionally looked at on an occasional basis. We recommend every 12 months to bring your ring into your jeweller for its yearly check-up. This involves a goldsmith checking that the diamond isn’t loose, that the prongs on the diamonds setting are good and tight and that the band is in good condition. Generally, this is also when you will get your ring re-polished and re-rhodium plated. All this insures that your ring is in 100% great condition and looking as good as new.

Here at Bespoke Diamonds, we offer all the services that are recommended for keeping your ring in perfect condition.

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