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Diamond Pendants

At Bespoke Diamonds Dublin we specialise in diamond jewelry including diamond pendants. Our diamond pendants are available in all precious metals including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum.
Below are a sample of the diamond pendants and necklaces we have, however, if there is a particular design or pattern you have seen, please send an image and we can get back to you with a quote. Our necklaces and pendants are also available with all gemstone options including sapphire, emerald, ruby to name a few.


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  • 9k-yellow-gold-stylish-pendant-pn082-image-19k-yellow-gold-stylish-pendant-pn082-image-1 €205

    9k Yellow Gold Stylish Pendant PN082

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  • 9k-yellow-gold-stylish-pendant-pn081-image-19k-yellow-gold-stylish-pendant-pn081-image-1 €205

    9k Yellow Gold Stylish Pendant PN081

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  • 9k-yellow-gold-round-shape-pendant-pn080-image-19k-yellow-gold-round-shape-pendant-pn080-image-1 €155

    9k Yellow Gold Round Shape Pendant PN080

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  • 9k-yellow-gold-round-shape-pendant-pn079-image-19k-yellow-gold-round-shape-pendant-pn079-image-1 €220

    9k Yellow Gold Round Shape Pendant PN079

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  • 9k-yellow-gold-leaf-style-pendant-pn078-image-19k-yellow-gold-leaf-style-pendant-pn078-image-1 €170

    9k Yellow Gold Leaf Style Pendant PN078

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  • 9k-yellow-gold-pendant-pn077-image-19k-yellow-gold-pendant-pn077-image-1 €180

    9k Yellow Gold Pendant PN077

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  • 9k-yellow-gold-pendant-pn076-image-19k-yellow-gold-pendant-pn076-image-1 €165

    9k Yellow Gold Pendant PN076

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  • 9k-yellow-gold-pendant-pn075-image-19k-yellow-gold-pendant-pn075-image-1 €165

    9k Yellow Gold Pendant PN075

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  • 14k-yellow-gold-branch-style-pendant-image-114k-yellow-gold-branch-style-pendant-image-1 €480

    14k Yellow Gold Branch Style Pendant PN073

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  • 14k-rose-gold-branch-style-pendant-pn072-image-114k-rose-gold-branch-style-pendant-pn072-image-1 €480

    14k Rose Gold Branch Style Pendant PN072

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  • 14k-white-gold-diamond-pendant-pn071-image-214k-white-gold-diamond-pendant-pn071-image-2 €432

    0.05 Carat 14k White Gold Diamond Pendant PN071

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  • 14k-yellow-gold-diamond-pendant-pn070-image-114k-yellow-gold-diamond-pendant-pn070-image-1 €432

    0.05 Carat 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant PN070

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  • religious-cross-diamond-pendant-pn065-image-1religious-cross-diamond-pendant-pn065-image-1 €585

    0.25 Carat Religious Cross Diamond Pendant PN065

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  • 18k-white-gold-bezel-set-diamond-pendant-pn068-image-118k-white-gold-bezel-set-diamond-pendant-pn068-image-1 €1,400

    0.25 Carat Bezel Set Diamond Pendant PN068

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  • garnet-and-diamond-halo-style-pendant-pn063-image-1garnet-and-diamond-halo-style-pendant-pn063-image-1 €425

    0.70 Carat Halo Style Garnet & Diamond Pendant PN063

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  • 18k-white-gold-diamond-pendant-pn062-image-118k-white-gold-diamond-pendant-pn062-image-1 €1,700

    1.00 Carat 18k White Gold Diamond Pendant PN062

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  • 18k-yellow-gold-diamond-pendant-pn061-image-118k-yellow-gold-diamond-pendant-pn061-image-1 €525

    0.16 Carat 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant PN061

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  • 18k-white-gold-diamond-pendant-pn060-image-118k-white-gold-diamond-pendant-pn060-image-1 €590

    0.26 Carat 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant PN060

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  • 0.05ct-diamond-pendant-pn059-image-10.05ct-diamond-pendant-pn059-image-1 €595

    0.05 Carat 14k White Gold Diamond Pendant PN059

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  • 18k-white-gold-diamond-pendant-pn058-image-118k-white-gold-diamond-pendant-pn058-image-1 €500

    0.16 Carat 18k White Gold Diamond Pendant PN058

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  • 14k-yellow-gold-v-shaped-pendant-pn057-image-114k-yellow-gold-v-shaped-pendant-pn057-image-1 €408

    14k Yellow Gold V Shaped Pendant PN057

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  • topaz-and-diamond-halo-style-pendant-pn055-image-1topaz-and-diamond-halo-style-pendant-pn055-image-1 €440

    0.73 Carat Topaz & Diamond Halo Style Pendant PN055

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  • floral-style-diamond-pendant-pn054-image-1floral-style-diamond-pendant-pn054-image-1 €395

    0.22 Carat Floral Style Diamond Pendant PN054

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  • bpn001-two-colour-diamond-pendant-image-1bpn001-two-colour-diamond-pendant-image-1 €800

    BPN001 0.30 Carat Two Colour Diamond Pendant

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  • bpn002-0.30ct-diamond-pendant-image-1bpn002-0.30ct-diamond-pendant-image-1 €800

    BPN002 0.30 Carat White Gold Diamond Pendant

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  • bpn003-0.17ct-diamond-pendant-image-1bpn003-0.17ct-diamond-pendant-image-1 €450

    BPN003 0.17 Carat White Gold Diamond Pendant

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  • bpn004-0.25ct-round-cut-diamond-pendant-image-1bpn004-0.25ct-round-cut-diamond-pendant-image-1 €520

    BPN004 0.25 Carat Round Cut Diamond Pendant

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  • bpn005-0.50ct-diamond-pendant-image-1bpn005-0.50ct-diamond-pendant-image-1 €800

    BPN005 0.50 Carat White Gold Diamond Pendant

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  • bpn006-yellow-gold-diamond-pendant-image-1bpn006-yellow-gold-diamond-pendant-image-1 €750

    BPN006 0.50ct Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant

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  • ladies-0.40ct-diamond-pendant-PN001ladies-0.40ct-diamond-pendant-PN001 €1,360

    0.40 Carat Diamond Yellow Gold Pendant PN001

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  • diamond pear pendant PN002diamond pear pendant PN002 €4,250

    1.45 Diamond Pendant in 18k White Gold – PN002

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  • diamond drop pendant PN003diamond drop pendant PN003 €1,450

    0.40 Carat Diamond Drop Pendant PN003

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All our engagement rings come with a free independent valuation worth €100 from Irelands leading gemmologist.

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All our diamond are certified by the most reputable bodies GIA; HRD or IGI. All conflict free and hand selected by our diamond expert.

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