How to choose the best diamond ring for your money


How to choose a diamond engagement ring – Part 1

The question on how to choose a diamond engagement ring is often asked. There are many things to keep in mind. We here at Bespoke Diamonds, have a few useful things to keep in mind to assist you through the process

1. Know your budget

At Bespoke Diamonds, we have over 500 rings for you to choose from. All our settings can be amended. From diamond carat weight, colour, clarity, certificate type and cut grade. Each of these characteristics can amend the budget. Generally we advise on the best options available. Or we can work back from your budget to source the best diamond for you. It can be easy to get caught up in the moment when presented with so many rings. As a result, you should keep your budget in mind. And don’t spend more than you are comfortable spending.

2. Know her style

How to choose the best diamond ring for your moneyIf you are surprising, try and assess what jewellery she wears or what style she likes. Does she prefer yellow metal or white gold. Antique vintage style or modern, classic or chunky. There are many benefit of purchasing with Bespoke Diamonds. One being, if your partner doesn’t like it, there is no problem. We allow all customers exchanging a ring for anything else.

3. Know her ring size

How to get your partners finger size can be tricky. Generally speaking, this can be tricky to find out if your surprising your partner. The best way would be to borrow a ring she wears – from this a jeweller could assess the finger size. if this is not possible then take comfort in the fact that most women are size M and all rings can be resized. So if you get the finger size wrong – its not really that big a deal – a jeweller can resize the ring and it should take no longer than a day to do. If your partners hand is much larger or smaller than the norm, best practice would be for the ring to be made to fit the exact size .

4. Know her style

If you have no idea of your partners style, consider buying an unset diamond. We at Bespoke Diamonds sell unset diamonds from 0.30 carats up to 5.0 carats at all colours and clarities. The option would exist to select the ring together and use the unset diamond.

5. Diamond shape

If your surprising your partner and know she wants a diamond, there are many shapes available. The most popular shape is the round brilliant shape which would represent approx 60% of diamonds sold in Ireland, the square princess would be a second shape with ovals, marquise, emerald and radiant shapes being less popular but nice options too. If you have no idea on diamond shape, the round brilliant would be the safest option.

Part 2 of this blog will look at setting options but the above is a good start in areas to consider when choosing an engagement ring.

If you would like to discuss these points in more detail or are thinking of surprising your partner, please call us at Bespoke Diamonds. With access to over 1 million certified diamonds and over 500 settings in stock – we’ll assist you find your perfect engagement ring.

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